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Roadmap - May 2017
Hello Guys, 
after some time I am back again with another roadmap for future. We haven't followed this one due to reasons that I am not going to explain here, but we owe you a new one that is more likely to be followed. 

First of all as you could see we have reworked most of game elements and more importantly we have added equipment, about 40 new spells and spell deck, and player combat stats. All this adds variety to the combat, possibility to specialize a little, come up with new tactics etc. 

In the nearest update you will see these things changed/improved:
1. Brewing - added tonic, new recipes for new potions, revised prices
2. Account management - in case you've forgotten your password, possibility to login with email address, email activation 
3. Daily login reward with possibility to draw a card and get a surprise in a form of magic dust, magic bean, potion
4. Daily challenges/quests - mini quests for every day. Defeat 3 monsters, collect 20 ingredients etc.
5. Player progression improved and enhanced overall experience

For future we plan on adding/improving:
1. Herblore or as it's currently named: Herbology - collecting ingredients
2. Exploration - magic chests on map including a small minigame, maybe we will add wards that you can put wherever on map and act like you are there even if you are home
3. League system - leader-boards, reworked matchmaking
4. Later we plan on reworking entire UI, Aleksey had prepared some really amazing new UI! We can't wait to present it to you
5. Dungeons system similar to what was presented but a little different

This is the plan for the next few months. Hope you are as excited as we are and you can see the positive progress every day!

Thank you for staying with us! You're an amazing community Smile
The Wand
Hi there! It's the first time I'm posting here. I only have one question, but I haven't found any similar threads. So, the problem is:

I've bought the 75$ perk, this one - Includes MAGUSS Wand (physical hardware) and storage case + Early Closed Beta access WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE PURCHASE+ Founder-only starter ring “Ring of the Ancients” + Founder-only starter amulet “Amulet of the Ancients” + Starter set of ingredients for crafting + MAGUSS sticker-set + Redeemable code worth $40 of magic dust + Instant upgrade to a Premium VIP account with no limitations + In-game title of “Devoted Founder” + Your name in the backer credits!, and by this moment I've only got the code to the Closed Beta and nothing else. 

That's why I'm asking: when will I be able to get all the other perk's stuff? Of course, I'm really waiting for my wand (maybe, it's the most important for me item-from-perk), but it will also be cool to get the "VIP" status or all the magic equipment or the magic dust code or at least the crafting set.

Looking forward to your answer. 

P.S. You are great, guys! Every single update is really better than the previous. Nearly all of my friends now know about you, some of them have even started to save up to some perk)
Knight of Cups, The Adventures of a Middle Aged Mage
The Thing Under the Pipe

The Mage awoke uneasily, to the chill of the grave against his arm. His eyes flickered from a fitful sleep, blurry without his glasses, but close enough to see the phantom that stood at his bedside. Translucent, he could see the wall and closet door behind its luminous, faintly blue form. It looked down on him with a hollow gaze, frost forming along the Mage’s bicep where the phantom’s hand touched him. He lurched upright in the darkness, making a lunge for his wand, before coming to his senses. He reached for his glasses instead, pulling them onto his face.

“What the hell, T.C.?” swore the Mage, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. This stood for Thomas Carlyle, as in Thomas Carlyle Thompson. In life, he had been a prominent businessman, known throughout the region. He had founded the mill town of Siluria. The local schools were named after this benefactor, who had died in 1922 after a bout with pneumonia. Now, the mill town was gone, disappeared, and where his mill had proudly stood, was a park. In death, Thomas Carlyle Thompson was now a self-appointed night watchman to the grounds.

“Pretty far from your park, aren’t you?” asked the Mage, and the phantom nodded and beckoned him silently. In reality, it was only a few blocks, but for a spirit, fettered to a location, the effort required to reach him here must have been great. The Black Phantom of Buck Creek, as T.C. was now known to most locals, had never been sighted outside of the mill grounds or the park. Even now, the ghost looked exhausted, his form, that of an older gentleman in an antique suit, was fading and flickering. He beckoned again.

“Hang onto your ectoplasm, T.C.” said the Mage. “Give me half an hour to get some pants on, and I’ll meet you at the park.” The ghost nodded and faded away. The Mage, known in wizarding circles as Sabbath, known to his friends as J.D., and known in this house as Daddy, blinked the sleep from his eyes and yawned heavily into his fist. His knuckles ached. He was getting too old for this.
Twenty minutes later, Sabbath locked his garage door behind him. On a leash beside him was Copper, a gangly red hound dog who sometimes came in handy for these situations, even if only as an excuse. He’d quickly scrawled a note to his eight-year-old daughter – WALKING THE DOG, BACK IN A FEW, CALL IF YOU NEED ME, DON’T TELL MOM – and grabbed his gear. His wife, a night shift nurse, was working. Don’t bother to laugh; he’s well aware that it sounds like the title of an adult film.
The night was cool, but not quite cool enough for the tan overcoat that Sabbath wore. Beneath it, he had packed light; only his wand, a handgun, and a softball bat. The wand was sandalwood, with a core of Djinn hair, and had been given to him by a Sufi Mystic on a desolate mountaintop shrine outside of Bamyan, in Afghanistan. The pistol was a .45 caliber Colt M1911A1 pistol his father had carried during the Berlin Wall Crisis. The short,  aluminum bat had belonged to his daughter, until recently, when they had replaced it with a composite bat. Sabbath had glued pages from an old bible to the thick barrel of the bat. He was not expecting much trouble tonight.
Walking Copper, whose paws clicked along beside him, but was otherwise quiet, Sabbath zigzagged through the quiet suburban streets. He could hear an occasional car from the distant highway, and the mechanical hum from the nearby lime plant. By the time he arrived at the park, he had a decent idea why T.C. had paid him a visit. Posted on power poles and street signs were flyers, desperately inquiring about missing pets; seven, to be exact, in five blocks. He mentally kicked himself for not noticing, and patted Copper’s head protectively. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t be satisfied with pets much longer. Sabbath was lucky the ghostly watchman was paying attention.
“Is something in the park?” asked Sabbath, when T.C. reappeared, shoving a handful of flyers towards the phantom. “Is something in the park taking the animals?” T.C. nodded and beckoned, floating past the ball fields and deeper into the park’s walking trail. Gravel crunched underfoot as Sabbath and Copper followed, sounding too loud in the still night. As they walked, Copper picked up a scent, and began furiously sniffing, dragging Sabbath along. The ghost let the hound dog lead, and fell in beside Sabbath at a leisurely pace.
“You ever follow pretty women around while they’re jogging?” Sabbath asked the ghost making conversation. His wife had reported the feeling of being watched while jogging in the park, which is why they’d gotten Copper, as a running companion for her. T.C. indignantly shook his head, but there was a guilty look on his face. “Nothing wrong with that,” Sabbath said conspiratorially, “Just because you’re a pillar of the community doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the beauty of the female form. I’d do the same if I was invisible.” T.C. shook his fist and vanished. Sabbath chuckled to himself while Copper continued to lead the way, his snuffling nose buried in the ground.

The energetic hound dog eventually lead him onto a back trail that paralleled the body of running water for which Buck Creek Park was named. They passed the remains of a crumbling stone bridge. Sabbath new that at midnight, beneath a full moon, the fallen arch transformed into an overpass to the faerie realms. Tonight’s moon, however, was a waning crescent hidden beneath the clouds, and it was long after midnight. After several more minutes, Copper stopped at the edge of the water and began to bay.

A large pipe, as thick as a man’s chest, lay across the creek, exactly level with the water. This was poor planning, on the part of the piping company, in Sabbath’s opinion. A few feet lower and the pipe would remain hidden beneath the water. A few feet higher and the creek would pass beneath it. As it was, the pipe collected all the scum, pollen and garbage that floated along the top of the water, so that on one side of the pipe there was a murky brown strip across the creek, stretching several yards from the pipe; a perfect place for something to hide beneath.

Sabbath thought maybe it was a Kappa, but dismissed the idea. Kappas tended to drown swimmers, but no one would want to swim in this muck. Something else, then. Regardless, he had no intention of wading into that muck, even if there wasn’t some murderous beast potentially lurking underneath. He also didn’t want to have to worry about Copper when things went down, and he’d need a car. He began to walk Copper back to the house.

“I’ll be back in the morning,” said Sabbath as Thompson’s ghost appeared again. “I’ve got a plan.”
                                                *                                             *                                             *

<more to come>
Maguss Book Club
Hey guys, I wanted to start a Book Club Challenge to help us all identify good books that could be used as inspiration to play Maguss, and to share some of our own favorites.
I’ve already received some good recommendations from members here, but as those aren’t really mine to make (yet), but I’ll start with a few of my own by Clive Barker (beware adult themes and disturbing imagery).
Imajica – This epic tale can be found in one huge volume or two, still very sizable volumes. It’s pretty much impossible to describe fully, but it follows the adventures of Gentle, an artist, Judith, his former lover, and a shape-shifting assassin named Pie as they leave our world (The Fifth Dominion) on a journey of self-exploration through the other four dominions, eventually to confront the tyrant known as the Autarch and reconcile all the dominions.
The Books of the Art – Equally hard to describe, (below)
The Great and Secret Show – Tesla Bombeck and her allies find themselves drawn into the secret war between the Fletcher, Master of Dreams, and the Jaffe, Master of Nightmares. As the dreams and nightmares do battle in the streets of Palamo Grove, where the Jaffe seeks to rip a wound in reality in order to gain access to Quiddity, the Dream Sea, our group must avert what could be a world-ending crisis.
Everville – Tesla Bombeck is back, and allied with Harry D’Amour, the Occult Detective from The Last Illusion (Lord of Illusions – film) and The Scarlet Gospels, as well as others. In Everville, the must confront new challenges coming from across the Dream Sea.
Questions about Multiplayer Combat/Party Dynamics
I will go ahead and apologize because I understand before asking that very little has been divulged about this, and it is likely still a work in progress from the developers, but I just can’t help but try and start this discussion, even if it ends up being little more than outdated facts and wild speculation. So let me just throw these questions out there.

Does anyone know anything about how the party dynamics will work in multiplayer mode? In my head I am picturing something akin to early Final Fantasy and similar RPGs, where everyone casts their spells and then watches as the group fights. The current PVP and PVE fights remind me strongly of a one on one FF fight sequence, which in my opinion, is great, and really nostalgic.

Will there be multiple monsters as well? That seems only fair. It would also be a great way to scale up difficulty for more advanced players when encountering weaker enemies. It would also add a reason for spells that hit multiple enemies (FIREBALL!!!). Just saying.

Will there be other actions available to players in combat (for example, using a healing potion on another player). It seems like an intuitive next step.

Is there any information regarding social networking or finding other players or joining parties/multiplayer groups locally, beyond seeing them on the map? Just wondering.
A Magical Capital City (similar to Hogwarts)
Okay, this is a pretty complex idea, so I’ll go ahead and apologize, and the devs may have something totally different in mind. However, it’s going to be easier to explain, and make more sense as a whole, long thought that as multiple separate threads.
I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if, in the world of Maguss, there were a secret magical capitol, and that a number of the online features of Maguss would be accessible by ‘visiting’ this place. I’m thinking of something like Hogwarts, that is remote and kept a secret from normal/muggle/sleeper society, but rather than just a school, is sort of the global headquarters for the Mages.
You wouldn’t even need to make it a physical location in our world. You could use one of the famous ‘lost kingdoms’ such as Atlantis, Hybrasil or Ultima Thule (if you used Ultima Thule, you could have evil spellcrafting Nazis from the Thule Society trying to find it and break Mage society). Regardless, this would be an ancient magical city, shielded by high walls and powerful magic, accessible only to mages. It could give a physical reality to a lot of the game functions, make use of the fantastic artwork that you guys are creating, and establish some notable NPCs who could give quests. I would include (but not necessarily limit the city to;
The Arena
Detailed in this thread already…
The Market
This would be a central area from which all the shops could be accessed. I would recommend individual shops and shopkeepers (still art, no need for animations) as the shopkeepers could become recognizable NPCs who could do double duty in giving quests, and even appear in storytelling aspects of the game elsewhere. I would also include a Fortune Telling shop where you would go for your daily draw.
The School of Magic
Because Harry Potter…This could feature the archived tutorials and game aids (with additional NPC teachers) as well as the training dummies for practicing sigils, and maybe some other learning related features. This would be cool just for the Hogwarts feel of it.
The Library
This would go hand in hand with the School of Magic, but would feature built in links to websites not built into the app itself. Where the School would be a place where players interacted with teachers in actively performing tutorials, the library would be a quicker repository of mostly text information. Storing it on a linked website would allow the app to remain smaller. The Devs could use this to quick-link any websites they woanted to keep looped in…
The Great Hall
Similar in execution to the Library, this would feature links to this forum and other official chats, where players could communicate with one another. Keeping them direct linked from the app would ensure maximum traffic and player interaction, once again without bogging down the app itself.
The Order Watchtowers
This would be a Watchtower specific to whichever of the Orders you belong to, and would contain Order-specific information. Order Specific spells and other items could be obtained here. It could also be used for Order vs Order challenges or events.
The Magic Mirror
This would simply be a sharing tool that allows players to share Maguss via the various social media outlets and attempt to bring in new recruits. However, I think that presenting it as a magic mirror used to find new magicians and to scry on the outside world makes it seem less vulgar and fit better within the game. This will allow players to promote the game themselves and invite friends.
Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell. Instead of menus, you could actually use a city map (and sub-maps) that would be an interactive menu (so that you click on the Market to go to the Market and then click on the Potion Shop to purchase potions or potion recipes. That would be more immersive and make good use of the great artwork Maguss has, but not really require animations or anything that would require a ton of processing.
The menus would be a little more complex to navigate, but, in my opinion, it would also make the game a lot more immersive for players and fun to explore. I mean, obviously, it is the alternate reality/transreality features (gaming in the real world) that are going to bring players in, but if that same player has plenty to do when he’s sitting at home and NOT able to get out and adventure, then that player is never going to want to stop playing.
Just my 2 cents…
Beta testing
Last month i subscribed for the "Maguss free Beta testing". So i didnt get the code so i think im not one of the happy people who can test the beta.

So i want to ask: Is it possible to pay the early testing-Key with a Paysafe-Card? If yes, how?
Duels - how to make them more interesting
Speaking about long range duels, using matchmaking system.

Ive just had an idea of implementing some kind of bet system.

Players would bet certain amount of gold before they start to search for oponent. After end of the match, if won you obtain double of the gold bet. If lost, u losing everything.

There is practically no player x player interaction in this system. Just makes the dueling more exciting and rewarding.

Map Recalibration Button
May I suggest that the map feature a manual recalibration button?

I've noticed that sometimes when I'm moving short distances on foot, I will physically reach the location of a monster or an ingredient, but my phone will still read my starting position. I've even tried force stopping the program and rebooting, but my maps still shows that I am at my car, or wherever I started. I don't know if I'm not reaching the threshold to trigger map movement, or something else, but when you see something at the end of the block and walk down to get it, this can be frustrating.

Being able to manually force the map to reposition you would be a great feature.

just backed today
hi I backed today for the 75 dollar perk and I was wondering when I will get the key for iphone
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