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A New Maguss Approaches!
Hello, everyone!

Just caught wind of this campaign, which is surprising - figure I'd have seen it much earlier in development. Backed the IGG campaign, now just awaiting June 1st for my access code ^_^

I'm based on Long Island, New York - just wanted to pop in and say hi. Seems everyone is enjoying themselves so far, and the dev team seems to be rocking the production, which is very exciting.


Unable to Register
I have the Alpha Key but every time I try to Register it tells me Unable to Register.
What can I do?
Getting indiegogo bonuses
If I bought my alpha key from the website but decided I wanted to get the indiegogo perks how would I go about doing that. Would I have to buy a whole another alpha key?
Issue after the newest update.
Spells no longer show up in the shop for purchase.  I can see everything else IE recipes equipment etc.  There are no spells in the spell menu though.  I assume I'm up to date as I just downloaded the newest update about 30 seconds ago.
Didn't get my in-game perks?
I paid for the devoted founder perks, but when I logged in I didn't have any of them. (no ring, amulet, crafting mats, etc) 

When will I get those perks?

n00b questions
Hello! I just discovered this game and am happy to be an early supporter. I just got my code today and logged on to be totally destroyed by a mandrake lol.

So, some questions.

1. Fighting tips?
2. The only way to increase health is with potions? Sad
3. How do i earn gold to buy ^^ potions?

Thanks all!
[Android] I can't see players close to me in the app
Android 5.1.1
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Maguss v 0.1.1

What should happen:
I should be able to see players near me on screen.

What does actually happen: 
I can't see the player. In previus builds I could see them, but not any longer.

Does this prevent you for playing further:

Hello guys, we need your help. Please answer following questions:

1. Do you experience Login issues after the latest update?
Are you stuck at Loading - "Downloading Assets"?(if so, please write down what kind of connection you are using and whether you have any VPN/Proxy altering software installed)

2. Are you getting random win/loss?
Do you experience this issue after the latest update? Is it less or more frequent?

P.S: iOS crashes are gonna be addressed as soon as we fix Loading issue. Then we are gonna publish the newest optimization update for iOS.
Hey there, as the title states, is it available in Australia?
The long 24 hour wait
I just found out about this game looks amazing. The dungeon idea is what made me pull the trigger and get the 24 hour key.  I can't wait to play.

PS. the wait is tourture
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