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Analytics on App Stores?
Does anyone know how that works?

I can only imagine that if Maguss shows up in the right searches, it is going to absolutely blow up.

If you can get it where is shows up in Harry Potter searches, you're already locked in...throw in some similar games (Mage the Ascension, Mage the Awakening, Magic the Gathering, Ars Magica, ect), similar fiction (The Magicians, Supernatural, Buffy/Angel, ect) and every possible version of the words Mage and Magic, and it will show up.

If people see it in their app store, they're going to get it, and if they get it, it's going to be a huge success.
Fixed Dungeon Entrances?
Will Dungeon entrances be fixed, or will the spawn in different locations every time?

Or both?
VOTE! for Maguss in Forbes
Maguss is currently competing with 3 other projects to be displayed in prestigious magazine Forbes!

The poll is open till 6pm GMT +1 TODAY.

Voting takes literally two clicks -

Click one - this link ---> https://app.sli.do/event/7bsaerlh/polls

Click two - tick "Maguss - Ondrej Tokár"


This can help with PR alot, please, spare few seconds of ur time for this vote Smile
(iOS) Can't Logout
In the latest version of the game, I attempted to log out, but was instead redirected to a load screen for a split second before returning to the settings menu. When I exite the settings menu the game was still running.

I tried this a few more times and recieved the same results. The game is still running in the background. Will try re-installing the game to see if this helps.
"User Does not exist"
I have tried to login in recently and it says that my user does not exist?

I was able to play before the update. Was there new key id's sent out?
I understand that the current focus of the game is getting everything working properly, but I am really interested to learn more about the back story of the game.

Apart from the four Orders, has anyone heard anything?
New wizardling beaming in
New player (or should I say soon to be player) joining the battle. 
Accidentally found the game via browsing Google Play for early access games.

Site FAQ said the alpha codes were already gone but luckily the backer campaign starting on April 1st was still live. My indiegogo virginity was instantly lost and now just waiting for the day to come. 

Been reading the forums a bit and apparently getting the word out seems to be an issue. 
I used to play Shadow Cities when it came out and afterwards played Ingress and lately of course Pokemon Go. 
Have some friends from those games and pretty sure they would be delighted to play this also. Not sure how many would become a backer though, but I can try bribing and/or coercion.
If they don't work I only see it as a win win for me as I get the upper hand on my area for being the highest and only player in my small area.

I do like the idea of those calling cards with the game name and website written on them. Most likely will do those and go to a local library and fill all the fantasy books with them bookmarks.

I'm rambling again. Just wanting to say it was good to find this game. Hope it proves successful.
Not a Potterhead...
I'm going to out myself here as not being much of a Potter fan. I've seen 3 of the movies, and enjoyed them. I plan to see them all eventually. My 8-year-old daughter has all the books, so I suppose I'll read them.

However, I'm much more of a generalist when it comes to my geeky activities. When I look at this game, my primary analogue is to Mage the Ascension and Mage the Awakening from White Wolf's World of Darkness. Where a lot of people see it as a transreality MMORPG, I am looking at it as a global, persistent LARP.

Anyway, I am truly excited about this game.

If anyone is in the Birmingham, Alabama area, please hit me up!
Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
I am super excited about this game, and want to do everything I can to help bring it to fruition.

Anyone else want to discuss and plan some guerrilla marketing techniques to get the word out about Maguss?

I'll go ahead and throw out this challenge to all members:

As you go about town, pick up 100 various business cards from random businesses. On the back of the cards, in your most attractive script, write;

Experience Magic

Then head to the book store and place the cards inside appropriate books (for example, Harry Potter novels) as a complementary bookmark. Chances are, the buyer will use the card as a bookmark, maximizing exposure. The random card, matched with the mysterious message will be much more likely to get a response than an actual advertisement. You aren't stealing the person's card, either, as you're basically giving them free cross-promotion. For the person who buys the book, instead of hitting them over the head with an ad, you create a mystery for them to explore on their own, that will lead them here.
Is Maguss being marketed to the old Shadow Cities crowd?
I still hear people lamenting the demise of Shadow Cities, which was, from what I gather, a magic version of Ingress.

Maguss is worlds beyond that game. If we could tap into that following, we'd instantly have new recruits who would be overjoyed to find Maguss. Maybe we can do some grassroots guerrilla marketing for Maguss by trying to find discussions about Shadow Cities and offer Maguss as a superior alternative.
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