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Just to check that these are not bugs
Hi everyone,

Can I just check that these things are intended and not bugs?

  - No access to Skills or Beast in the Player screen.

  - No access to Quests or beasts in the 'M' screen

  - No access to Equip or Vault in the Inventory screen

  - No Rosewater available as a discoverable ingredient

I hope this makes sense.

No GPS required - where is "default location"
If vid isnt working, click on the vimeo logo for direct link.

As u can see, NPC and nodes are interactive without GPS. Also, Maguss now loads some kind of default location, where u begin after startup or return there after every fight or when GPS isnt avalible, which might be the case of slower map loading.

When u r patient enough, u can see every player logging at this spot, then jumping away as real GPS position activates.
Selling bug
Having problems selling something. Did not realize I had already learned one spell and have tried to sell it back buto when ever I push the sell button for it nothing happens. I have sold other things like ingredients but can't get that spell to sell. Not sure if this is a reposted problem but have not seen any other topics like this. Any suggestions or is this actually a coding problem?
Dispell doesn't work against Creeping Death
A Kappa cast Creeping Death on me and my Dispell did not remove it, no matter if I cast Dispell the same turn or subsequent turns.
Transfer of beta key
Dear devs,

I legaly support your Maguss campain and get regular beta key.
Unfortunately I can not focus on the game, so I kindly ask if is possible to transfer my access to friend?

Thanks for answer
IGG Problem: CreditCard only, missing the pay with PayPal option
Hello Maguss-Board,
atm I'm experiencing some issues with IndieGoGo. Would be amazing if you could help me or give advice.

I registered at IGG and logged in, selected a perk at the maguss campaign and on the next page (payment-infos) I only got the option to pay with CreditCard (which I don' have). I still can't find the option to pay using PayPal.
I looked at the menu and profile-screen, to find a way to connect my PayPal-Acc with IGG, but couldn't find anything.
I'm from Germany, using a german-IP, however the guy in this german Youtube-Video 6:24 bought a perk using PayPal.

I wrote to the support, without any answer. Also there is no Link / no Screen / no Menu-Tab or something like that, to go back to started conversations with the support / mails written to the support.

Anyone got the same problem. Any solutions?
Pls help, I already missed the 1st February key-wave. Don't want to miss the one on 1st March. Undecided
Thank you in advance.
New Alpha build summary
Hi all,

Ive finally got to Maguss again. Losing high level progress is always demotivating, but try to die in hc rpg. It mends. ;´D

  • Partially working/not active game elements such as Skills (& perks), Quests and Beasts menu got disabled
  • Inventory redesigned and divided to Equip/Bag/Vault
  • Player profile redesigned and divided to Profile/Skills/Beasts
  • Crafting - Brewing system changed completely
  • Potion recipes & new potions added to Shop
  • Monsters now scale with players level better, their spells deal adequate dmg to their tier
Minor Changes:
  • Map loading - now not displaying Map loading message, instead, it just slowly loads map. Imho looks buggy. Players reporting it lasts longer than pre-update.
  • M Menu opened by default when starting game/after fight. Imho wrong. U want to scan right away.
  • Player log scrollable without refreshing it. Yay!
New mechanics:
  • Player menu now shows Characteristics (btw u have a missing letter there), these r divided to following stats: Empower, MagicDefense, Concentration, Evasion, CriticalDamage, CriticalChance
Major old bugs still present:
  • Chaos spawn - Spawns change over all map suddenly, once or up to 3 times, then returning to original state (the "new" spawns are interactive, not just graphics bug)
  • Refresh to respawn - App needs to be restarted/Fight needs to happen/Chaos spawn needs to occur in order to respawn monsters and collectibles
  • Duel button freezes when M menu is closed - requires app restart
  • Double Scan reveal - Scan reveals same node when cast after its collecting (not interactive - just graphics bug)
Not confirmed old bugs, but likely present:
  • Double spawn - sometimes, the spawns on map double (this is pure graphics bug, not interactive)
  • Double collectibles - sometimes, the collectibles spawned by default (not via Scan) respawn immediately after picking up and can be harvested again (the ingredients do add to inventory - not just graphics bug)
New bugs:
  • Experience gain delayed until app restart
  • Sometimes, fights end for no valid reason
  • EXTREME battery drainage compared to old build - literally draining while charging. And no, Im not making this up. Was even opposing the ppl who ranted Maguss drains too much.
  • Sometimes after "Chaos spawn", not responsive spawns remain on screen

The characteristics:

These r purely my assumptions and may not be true

Empower - Affects ur spell dmg, base level 100%

MagicDefense - Lowers spell dmg done to u, base level 0%

Concentration - Affects glyph drawing deviance, base level 80%

Evasion - Chance to avoid dmg, base level 5%

CriticalDamage - Affects critical dmg amplifier, base level 100%

CriticalChance - Affects critical hit rate, base level 10%

Its great to see such mechanics! This starts to feel more and more RPGish!

Im particularly fond of concentration, bcs if it does what I think, its completely unique game element.

Also evasion/crit stat means the combat will always be fast paced, allowing for this ultimate jackpot to happen - also ensures the RNG affecting gameplay, which is great - prevents endgame to be predictable, thus boring.


The balancing:


Exp rewards from monster itself needs closer look and changes. I mean the ones fixed - BeastLore, SpiritLore etc. One does not simply earns 100 exp more for a fight with same duration and difficulty, just bcs its Kitsune, not Gremlin. Its 40 BeastLore exp for Gremlin and 130! BeastLore exp for Kitsune.


The UI:

New look of inventory and its UI is highly appreciated. Looks smoother with those pop-up effects. Getting rid of drag-and-drop is a good step forward. Target highlight makes it even more convenient.

Magic Shield still has the old displaying bug in its description - turn duration overlaps slots used.


Overall I like the new build and removal of not fully functioning game menus/elements for now. Helps newcomers getting less confused. However, we cannot track progress of skills exp and their levels/perks. Im wondering when am I getting new PvE slots f.e.

With skills/spells rework over the corner (few blocks away) its understandable than some info is missing. Cant wait for next release.

However, the major bugs & battery drainage needs to be fixed imho first.

Oh and btw, Czech community is goin to have historically first community meeting with Maguss presentations, cosplay, quizes & prizes (including game access), and ofc gameplay streaming & sharing of user experience. And beer. We r Czechs. This saturday in Prague, if u r near Smile
(Pre-latest update) spell bug videos
Spell's not working after X number of turns
I am on Android but this bug is already known to be on most devices

Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S5
Latest (the videos attached are of the pre-update version however the bug still exists)

What should happen:
Should be able to cast spells consistently all turns. I have experience this with PvE others have experienced it in PvP.
In the latest version this bug happens on my second turn, sometimes on my first. In the previous I got to turn 5 before it happened.

What does actually happen: 
There reaches a certain point where no spells register as correct every turn.

Does this prevent you for playing further:
Yes, because I can only kill creatures that have low enough HP that I can kill in one turn (i.e. wisp) anything higher than 30 hp I can't beat in combat.

More information:
A previous posted mentioned a possibility for it to be a memory issue, to which I feel like it could be. The issue doesn't happen on the same turn for every user. Some have higher, some have it less turns. My current memory size is 2 gb, where i have 900mb already in use from background services (like virus security, etc), and 500 mb of system apps. This leaves 600mb max for maguss to use so it could be running out of memory or processing power.

Also, I noticed when the app lagged/had the weird spell registration that the glyphs being drawn took shortcuts/tried to fill in the blanks. 

Attached screenshot(optional):
Video 1: I cycle through the spells till turn 4. All works well, but the bug is present turn 4. Ignore the spontaneous win/loss. If you notice: None of the spells I cast worked on this turn, and the sting registered as a magic arrow. This exact problem happens but across more turns until the monsters kill me.

(02-07-2017, 08:14 AM)Video 2: This is me casting spells on a test dummy trying out a theory I had. This captures the shortcut idea I mentioned. I draw a lines and V shapes and it turns into a spastic U type shapes. Wrote:

Again, these are now out-dated but the concept still remains. I can try get another capture with the update if required. Hope this helps! Smile be on most devices
Game crashes after every fight
iOS, iPhone6
Every tim I finish a fight the game crashes/close. Same behavior if I walk around and the map must update itself. Does anyone els have these problems?
Battle animation bugs
- In Duels with players having 5 slots each, when not skipping the attack animations, not all of the attacks get animated. I can see the slots get bigger starting from left to right as they get "cast", but the sequence stops short of the 5th slot (the 5th slot is never reached, though the effect of it is still applied).

- Spirit Sting's animation is the same as Magic Arrow, including the name saying Magic Arrow, for both players. The battle log has the correct name, though.

Question/bug: Barkskin is supposed to protect for 2 turns, and takes up 4 slots. Is the turn it is cast supposed to count as one of those turns, meaning it only protects against up to a total of 6 slots in a PvP battles (i.e. if it's cast as the first thing, then it protects against the 5th slot that turn and all 5 slots next turn, going away at the end of that turn)? This is the current behavior for me.
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