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Android - Just received a notice there is a new version. How to update?
Android 7.0 - Logged in during lunch and received a notice on screen that said a newer version of the app was available and please download in order to continue playing. Android/Google Play store doesn't show an update available. Is there a place within the app to update? Should I uninstall and then reinstall? 

Brand new user/tester and very excited! Geographic location: SE USA. Is there an "advice on combat" section of the forum? Haven't found it yet if there is.
Android - Show Deck not working

Android 7.0

APP Version: couldn't find in app (where to locate?) but just downloaded in last 4 days as of July 25 2017

Expected result:
Deck should display

Actual result:
No response from app/Deck did not display

Does this prevent you from playing further:

More Information:
Steps to recreate: Login, click on Spells (spellbook) icon, click on Test Deck, click on Show Deck.
Run to Heal
After every battles against any opponents, against mobs or fellow wizardry, it is natural to assume that your character loses health. You can either heal by drinking potions or walk it off (or find a friend to duel and heal each other in the duel).

But lets explore the walking it off phenomenon. Assume you finish a battle (whether you win or lose is irrelevant) and you move faster than walking speed, meaning you can be in a car, public transmit, boat, whatever medium that is faster than walking speed. When you're faster than walking speed, you heal faster.

Translate this idea to application and you can run to get health (both in game and in real life funny enough). I'd discovered this phenomenon when I was being driven back home.

I want to check out if other players notice such phenomenon. It would be a very interesting game mechanics to have people running around to heal (or hop on the public transmit).
Lose Progress when Maguss becomes public?
Hello! I have a question regarding Alpha and Beta.

Do we lose the progress we'd done in Alpha and Beta when Maguss becomes public? I wouldn't want to become level 40 and lose the progress in the end.
Log In. Return back to login.
I try to log in and it returns me immediately to the login screen. 

OS Android 7.0
Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 32gb
Didn't receive key
Hi there:

I received the TestFlight invite about an hour ago but haven't receive an Alpha key...

I thought we were in closed beta, so I may be confused, but it's not letting me register. 

Help, Maguss Staff!
(Android) Possible major exploit with Daily Quests
Every time I tap "Quests" and view my Daily Quests, in the background the daily login reward pops up. When I close the quest interface I am able to collect a daily reward. I've been able to do this 5 or 6 times now and I often receive an item I can sell. This would allow me to gain an arbitrary amount of gold if I were to continue indefinitely.

It only just started happening maybe an hour or two ago. 0_O


Phone: Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Carrier: Verizon
Location: Seattle
(Android) Extranous "level up" message after duel
Summary: After a duel with another player I received a level-up message even though I did not level up. I was level 9, my opponent was level 13. The duel ended in a draw. After exiting the duel I received a message that I'd reached level 14. My guess is that my opponent leveled to 14 after the duel and I received the message when I should not have.

1. Initiate a duel between a level 9 and level 13 player who is almost level 14
2. End the duel in a draw
3. Have the level 9 player exit the duel

The level 9 player will receive a message congratulating them for reaching level 14.

Only the (previously) level 13 player receives a message for attaining level 14

OS: Android
Phone: Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Carrier: Verizon
Location: Seattle
Tonic Requirement for Potion Recipes.
So I noticed with the latest update that the tonic requirement has been lost in the recipe pane for brewing. My suggestion would be to place it like in the 2nd pic.

[Image: J3bE7Ts.png]  [Image: cjQ0goA.png]
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