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Lost password
I recently changed phones, but I have forgotten the username/password I used to register. There appears to be no way to recover/reset this information in the app or elsewhere. Does anyone know of a way to reset the app login/password?
The Core Issue [a Maguss tale]
The Core Issue

Chapter one: the train job

In the world of modern magic, means such as teleportation spells and flying carpets have been almost completely abandoned. Some consume too much energy, requiring the harnessing of powerful ley lines, and others are unsafe, allowin the lightest storm to disrupt them and endanger the wizard who uses them. Cooperation with the Commons have created much more comfortable means of travelling, such as airplanes and cruiseboats.
Of course, that is completely irrelevant when you are trying to get into one without a ticket.
As the wind blows around me, i lean the broom to my right, taking advantage of a large opening in the line of poles that keep the electric cables powering the train and aligning myself wit the middle of the cabin. The delicate next step does not worry me, as i have done it a hundred times in my youth. I drop the broom, falling on the train roof at the same exact speed and direction of the train, and a sharp pain runs trough my ankle.
It's been a while since my youth. At least i got better at cursing.
Standing on top of the train, i look at the long line of carriages. I am on the fourth from the front. Almost right. I keep myself low, crouching to reduce air resistance as we speed trough the countryside, and pull my wand out of my inner pocket. It's a little work of art, if i can say so myself, with old-fashioned carved silky oak handle and smooth tip, built around a core of intertwined unicorn hair. I wave it in a fluid motion, and feel the pain in my ankle leaving me, drawing a relieved breath. Another couple of runes, and my feet and hands feel rough and sticky. Unsettling, perhaps, but necessary. Once i manage to unstick my wand from my hand, i start crawling on the train roof, making my way up to the next carriage, and the next again. The short jump between carriages is but a little thing in comparison to the fast flight between electric cables.
Once i finally step into the second carriage, i cancel the enchantment on my hands, and draw a small-sized plant of the wagon i acquired a few days beforehand. Strict security, of course, but minimal magic - it is a Common transport, and as such does not employ enchanters, but electronics and secrecy. I measure the distance with the well-trained eye of a master runecrafter, and step lightly onto the right spot, drawing my wand again. A cutting curse is normally enough to penetrate the hardened but thin layers of metal that cover most carriages, but sends ripples trough the structure that might trigger their sensors. A fire-based spell would be able to melt trough it, but is imprecise, and might damage the contents. A vanishing spell would act on the whole structure, and not just a part. No, this situation required a certain subtelty... and not a small amount of raw power.
I stood straight, whitstanding the wind and air despite the risk of hitting the cables far ahead. Arm straight, i started drawing runes upon runes, as fast as i could while maintaining precision. One rune too jagged, and it would fail. One moment too late, and i would fry. One wrong movement, and i could lose a finger. Like many non-fighting spells, it was based on a combination of runes, but that meant that, in a pinch, it was a huge risk. As the electric cable flew against my forehead, the last rune connected, and the metal wire went clean trough my forehead. A cold, tingling sensation rushed trough me for a moment, and then i fell, incorporeal and translucent, until i canceled the spell one moment after. The small room presented itself to me bare of any guards or security measures, and i was alive.
Next time, i'll send my apprentice. I swear.
The room is a small container area, enclosed by reinforced doors and cameras in he corners. A simple interference charm is enough to dispose of them, and delete any footage of the last few seconds. Nothing to worry about. Several small containers, locked and sealed, are arranged in the room. I have roughly one minute before security comes running, better make the best of it. I levitate a few crates off each others until i see the identifying tag i was looking for, and cut open the seals with a quick curse.
In ancient times, artifacts and items of power used to be named after their creator, discoverer, or notorious owners, and only occasionally after their properties. Such was the case for the Cup of Dawn, the Line of Merlin, or the Codex Mundi. However, similarly to the tale of the Tome of Nadír in the Arab magic community, it soon became obvious that such a system could not persist in a large community. That is why i was looking today not for the Amulet of Adorlon of the old tales, but for Ritual Key 67B. Way to ruin the mood, but at least i had a clear idea of what i was looking for, and a tracking charm could point me to it without giving a hundred false readings around the world. After tracking it to a warehouse, and ensuring it got on the train, i finally had the crate in front of me, and lifted the lid. An engraved box of maple and black steel, decorated with geometric runes and Atlantean writings, was all that separated me from it.
I opened it.
"...you must be bloody kidding me."
Inside the ancient box there was nothing but a piece of parchment, with a few words written on it.
Thank you for trying,
But the amulet is not here anymore.
I'd leave before security comes!
Yours truly,
Hello guys,

we want to show you some images of the new brewing system. Enjoy the new visual and prepare to experience it soon.
We are sorry for any bugs you may be experiencing right now but the new update should fix some of them. Once we implement the new system, we will focus on bug fixing again.

(new ingredients will be soon added to the game, they are not available yet, time limits are for the example only)

[Image: 6bd4df0dffd0d39b8d54fc10a27f3271.png]

[Image: d413d44394cb631e269253b4a725f5ed.png]

[Image: c609dee3e61a5ad236378e7dd768665e.png]

[Image: 80f6c70a2f769b26bd9cfb4f2174a701.png]
My experience so far
This is the first time I'm writing here, I don't speak english very well, but I hope you guys will hear me and maybe help. 

What is happening when I'm playing:

1) I click on several monsters that are inside the player's area, however appears the message that is out of range;
2) Instalose;
3) I make several potions and they do not appear in my inventory;
4) I lose several battles as I draw the spell perfectly and it does nothing;
5) When I walk faster, the game automatically closes.
Respawn bug
In order to respawn everything on map, u need to restart the app.

This applies only when u r stationary. Apparently, battle refreshes the map aswell.

Suggestion: Make map refresh itself periodically.
Player-made Points of Interest
For the sake of game addictivity and daily connection, Id suggest adding a possibility of player submitted PoI's

For starters it could be only few herb nodes, just to make your own "herb garden" outside your house.

These nodes could be different in color for respective Order and only fellow players from same Order could collect them. They would also have different respawn time and would require high amount of ingredients to be built.

I think I dont have to evaluate on psychological effect of such system Smile we all want a piece of sandbox everywhere.
Herb nodes double collecting bug
Herb nodes can be farmed twice under certain circumstances I have yet to identify.

It is not just visual bug, confirmed that they r added to inventory twice.

If u have any additional info, pls contribute.
Exploration & Herbology experience bug
As u might have noticed, u gain experience in these two skills "randomly"..or it might seem that way.

Ive confirmed, that u need to open one of the game menus to reload game interface (the slight lag/blackout and update of f.e. potion count in Crafts menu) after walking/herb collecting to get the respective experience. If u dont, well, u just dont get any.

Idk exactly the max time difference between picking/refreshing menu to obtain exp. Max I have tested is retroactive exp gains for 4 herb nodes, which mixed in 2 Exploration exp gains aswell.

I dont fully understand the exploration experience distribution - does it have max speed meter? Noticed that i can gain exploration exp while walking, but almost never when driving.

Suggestion - make game update whole player stats periodically, f.e. with each map loading. (regarding map loading times - faster pls - perfect contradiction right here, i know Wink )
i got a problem with the quests. I finished the first 4 but now I can't do any more, they're all locked.
Furthermore, the potions that I have created are not in my bag but the ingredients are gone.

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