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Maguss Street Team - Memnoich - 10-14-2016

I'm not sure how well known the term is outside of the states, but here we have something called Street Teams. These Street Teams are a Marketing concept, using teams of people to hit the streets, put up posters, spread the word, talk with the media, get the ball rolling on concerts and events. We had already started something like this in the Friday post (which we kind of Hijacked from its original purpose), so I thought, lets get this into its own thread.

So here's the idea:
Share the Game, every where you can.
Post a link to the Share here, so others can help with the post/message and get the word out.  
Shared it in a Reddit group, let us know, posted it to a Fan group, pop a link in here.

Lets get the word out and get this moving.

Android Gaming:
Augmented reality:

RE: Maguss Street Team - jhamm - 10-14-2016

Cough link doesn't work. Cough.
Good idea though.

Edit: Now it does.

RE: Maguss Street Team - Helly25 - 10-14-2016

I contacted:
- Freshtorge (German youtuber)
- ThePeci (German youtuber)
- Kristina Horner (Wizard Rock Band 'The Parselmouths' and youtuber)
More to add as I go alooong, next are my HP fanclubs <3

RE: Maguss Street Team - QuantumSnow - 10-14-2016

(10-14-2016, 04:37 PM)Helly25 Wrote: Haha, well, Gronkh would be awesome! Is he a Harry Potter fan even, I am not sure? He'll probably love it anyway :3
He's a fan of anything fantasy, sci fi, gaming or fun related, so basically yes Big Grin.

(10-14-2016, 04:37 PM)Helly25 Wrote: Do you dare contacting Coldmirror? She's a Harry Potter Synchro Celebrity, after all. I don't dare, but if you even contacted Gronkh... I hardly dare contacting Freshtorge, but I will do so now, because I know he's uber-nice and surely wouldn't mind mentioning the game once!
I don't know Coldmirror very well (oh, I didn't even know all those HP redubs were made by her, shame on me), so I don't think it would be right to contact her. It's just not real. But if you know her (i.e. watch her) then I wouldn't see a reason for you not to. A tweet is not a very personal message after all. Well-known people get them from strangers all the time.

(10-14-2016, 04:37 PM)Helly25 Wrote: I am down to the first Wizard Rock band! Yayy! Kristina Horner of The Parselmouths, I'm on to you! Big Grin
I didn't even know there were bands inspired by HP. That's hilarious Big Grin.

RE: Maguss Street Team - Helly25 - 10-14-2016

Haha, you did not know? Coldmirror's my hero, I worship the ground she walks on <3

Oh, there's at least 2 dozen different Wizard Rock bands. I hope I'll get the chance to contact Ministry of Magic and Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls also, but I need to do thorough research for that as they seem pretty inactive by now.

RE: Maguss Street Team - Maguss - 10-14-2016

Thank you guys so much. After all those hate posts it is incredible to read your remarks. We are trying to promote the game as much as we can but there is only so many languages we know so it is impossible for us to reach out to Italian, German, or any other country where the native language is not English. Once again, on the behalf of the whole team, thank you!

RE: Maguss Street Team - Memnoich - 10-14-2016

Its what a street team is for, to get the word out. You guys aren't the only ones anymore, that want to see this game made.

RE: Maguss Street Team - Helly25 - 10-14-2016

You said that nicely, Memnoich! I am happy to help out wherever whenever I can, I literally spend all my time on this now, too!
If I had the wand already and if the Alpha Version was already up, heck, I would be out on the streets too, I am shy but not ashamed of this game!
Ignore the haters, for 10 haters there will be 30 fans and 5 of those haters will do a double take when the game is out! Smile

RE: Maguss Street Team - Memnoich - 10-14-2016

you know, I was in the Field test for POGO, and when it was being tested, there was so much Hate going around, even before the Field test, most were, "eh, its just Pokemon, who would want to play that". The funny thing is, most of those haters, especially the ones I knew personally, were the ones chomping at the bit when the release day came and they couldn't get in yet (got in a day early because of the field test Big Grin ). So love the haters, they will make you stronger, and in truth, most of the haters, only hate because they really want it, but don't want people to know they want it.

Added a post to Augmented Reality Reddit, of course, I kinda just copied your post Jhamm, but , why reinvent the wheel?
Link is in first post.

RE: Maguss Street Team - zatokar - 10-14-2016

You guys are amazing. Cool speech about haters Memnoich, I think it's true.

I have a suggestion. May I create a group on forum and assign you a tag? I can call you Maguss Street Team or whatever you'd like give you a fancy nickname color and some privileges. Would you be up for it? You could also take care of the forum while I am not here etc. let me know if you'd like it.