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New Wizard in Town

#1 Barberus
Hey fellow Wizards,

I just got my (Ingame) Wand and I just want to say Hello to everyone.

I am from Vienna, Austria and I am curious if there is another Wizard located in Vienna Smile

Cant wait to see what else is coming into the wizarding World of Maguss.

Have a good Day everyone Smile
#2 Ordoswarlock
Hi ime from england the midlands region anyone else out there

#3 Barberus
Hey, nice to meet you Big Grin
#4 Lilithian
Hello Barberus and welcome to the community Smile Feel free to ask about anything, just try to search a bit on forum first, to check if the topic wasnt already discussed. You might aswell start Austrian community thread by yourself if there isnt any yet Smile

Void shadow assassin of Highmoon brotherhood

Achieved lvl 50 in Alpha 2.0 on 27.1.2017

Device info:
Archos 55 diamond Selfie
Android 6.0.1

Maguss - CZ FAN facebook community admin. PM me for invite Smile

#5 Barberus
Hi Lilithian,

Thanks for this nice Welcome Post,

Gonna check it out and I would love to start a Austrian Maguss Community.

Have a good one and thanks for everything Smile
#6 Cosmang
Hello! Welcome to our amazing community! Hopefully you will have fun here! Three months ago I was in Sweden, tho now I have relocated to Lebanon.
Have a fun time here!
Mischief Managed

Smart as Hell

Lets be wizards! a film directed, starring and produced by Cosmang. Out in December 2016!
#7 Brabbelback
Hey fellow wizards! Anyone in Germany Hessen?
[Image: giphy.gif]
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