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#1 Lilithian
Hi all,

checking google play every now and then.

Let others know if u have already updated, ask for help if any issues appear Smile

Patch review from my side incoming when I'll have updated client. Cant wait!

Btw I'm android, so idk anything about iOS platform.

Void shadow assassin of Highmoon brotherhood

Achieved lvl 50 in Alpha 2.0 on 27.1.2017

Device info:
Archos 55 diamond Selfie
Android 6.0.1

Maguss - CZ FAN facebook community admin. PM me for invite Smile

#2 Juneau Solace
Still no update available for the iOS platform, but I'm sure the team is working hard to get it out to us. Smile
#3 Ordoswarlock
On Google play store now
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