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Questions about Multiplayer Combat/Party Dynamics

#1 BlkSabbath74
I will go ahead and apologize because I understand before asking that very little has been divulged about this, and it is likely still a work in progress from the developers, but I just can’t help but try and start this discussion, even if it ends up being little more than outdated facts and wild speculation. So let me just throw these questions out there.

Does anyone know anything about how the party dynamics will work in multiplayer mode? In my head I am picturing something akin to early Final Fantasy and similar RPGs, where everyone casts their spells and then watches as the group fights. The current PVP and PVE fights remind me strongly of a one on one FF fight sequence, which in my opinion, is great, and really nostalgic.

Will there be multiple monsters as well? That seems only fair. It would also be a great way to scale up difficulty for more advanced players when encountering weaker enemies. It would also add a reason for spells that hit multiple enemies (FIREBALL!!!). Just saying.

Will there be other actions available to players in combat (for example, using a healing potion on another player). It seems like an intuitive next step.

Is there any information regarding social networking or finding other players or joining parties/multiplayer groups locally, beyond seeing them on the map? Just wondering.
I skewered him where he sat and saw the startled expression on his face as the wound began to flame.

"Oh, basely done!" he cried. "I had hoped for better of thee!"

"This isn't exactly the Olympic Games," I said, brushing some sparks from my cloak.

- The Courts of Chaos, Roger Zelazny
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