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#1 Blackwood
Hi there! It's the first time I'm posting here. I only have one question, but I haven't found any similar threads. So, the problem is:

I've bought the 75$ perk, this one - Includes MAGUSS Wand (physical hardware) and storage case + Early Closed Beta access WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE PURCHASE+ Founder-only starter ring “Ring of the Ancients” + Founder-only starter amulet “Amulet of the Ancients” + Starter set of ingredients for crafting + MAGUSS sticker-set + Redeemable code worth $40 of magic dust + Instant upgrade to a Premium VIP account with no limitations + In-game title of “Devoted Founder” + Your name in the backer credits!, and by this moment I've only got the code to the Closed Beta and nothing else. 

That's why I'm asking: when will I be able to get all the other perk's stuff? Of course, I'm really waiting for my wand (maybe, it's the most important for me item-from-perk), but it will also be cool to get the "VIP" status or all the magic equipment or the magic dust code or at least the crafting set.

Looking forward to your answer. 

P.S. You are great, guys! Every single update is really better than the previous. Nearly all of my friends now know about you, some of them have even started to save up to some perk)
#2 jhamm
Okay firstly the wands are getting delayed because of multiple reasons, you can find out why here: http://forum.maguss.org/thread-673.html

The VIP status is gonna give unlimited duels and it's also required to able to use the wands. This is probably not something the developers will focus on right now and since we're in an alpha state there wouldn't be a reason to limit people, because it's all gonna be reset at release.

The stickers will probably also first be sent later, maybe at the same time as the wands. Since on their indiegogo page, they say: All physical perks will be shipped in Winter 2017 due to caused delay.

I can't see much reason for them to give us the dust, equipment and crafting set in the alpha. Since that's also gonna be reset, but maybe they will give us the dust to play around with.. When they implement the dust feature. That should be all the information I have for now. Hope you enjoy the game!
Moderator and member of the circle of the guilded
#3 Karasu
I actually just got an email a couple days ago from the devs about this. Any in game rewards will hit when the official release does so nothing gets lost through various wipes and since some features aren't implemented yet. Hope this helps ^~^
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