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Roadmap - May 2017

#1 zatokar
Hello Guys, 
after some time I am back again with another roadmap for future. We haven't followed this one due to reasons that I am not going to explain here, but we owe you a new one that is more likely to be followed. 

First of all as you could see we have reworked most of game elements and more importantly we have added equipment, about 40 new spells and spell deck, and player combat stats. All this adds variety to the combat, possibility to specialize a little, come up with new tactics etc. 

In the nearest update you will see these things changed/improved:
1. Brewing - added tonic, new recipes for new potions, revised prices
2. Account management - in case you've forgotten your password, possibility to login with email address, email activation 
3. Daily login reward with possibility to draw a card and get a surprise in a form of magic dust, magic bean, potion
4. Daily challenges/quests - mini quests for every day. Defeat 3 monsters, collect 20 ingredients etc.
5. Player progression improved and enhanced overall experience

For future we plan on adding/improving:
1. Herblore or as it's currently named: Herbology - collecting ingredients
2. Exploration - magic chests on map including a small minigame, maybe we will add wards that you can put wherever on map and act like you are there even if you are home
3. League system - leader-boards, reworked matchmaking
4. Later we plan on reworking entire UI, Aleksey had prepared some really amazing new UI! We can't wait to present it to you
5. Dungeons system similar to what was presented but a little different

This is the plan for the next few months. Hope you are as excited as we are and you can see the positive progress every day!

Thank you for staying with us! You're an amazing community Smile
Maguss Founder
#2 Ordoswarlock
Love the ward idea you guys rock
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