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Hi. New member here.

#1 Jotun
Hello guys. New member here from Ireland. Looking forward to being part of the Maguss community and the game.

I heard about Maguss from another game i play called Paraversume and decided to check it out. I'm glad i did. Maguss is amazing. I know it's early days and the bugs have to be sorted out but the potential it has is huge.

I backed the game on Indiegogo, have my key and now time to start learning some spells ; )

#2 ValenMorcaine
Greetings! i saw your name a few times in-game. thought i had already said hello on here! either way hope the game has been a great experience for you so far as it has been for me!
#3 Jotun
Hi ValenMorcaine. Thanks. Yeah the game is cool. It will be interesting to see how it develops.
#4 ValenMorcaine
i agree. with them looking into 3D animators and such and apparently a new UI coming it seems like this is the beginnings of an absolutely amazing game. only frustrating thing about the game is how many times i've instantly lost a battle to a creature or duelist. you having that issue?
#5 Jotun
Yeah. Happens quite a lot. Another that is just as frustrating is when i touch on a creature and press fight the app will crash as well. Early days for the game though.
#6 Maguss
Welcome! Nice to see you in game Smile We hope today's update will get you excited even more Wink
#7 Jotun
Hi Maguss. Thank you for the welcome : )

Can't wait to see what the update brings.
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