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#11 Maguss
(05-23-2017, 09:11 AM)Bee Wrote: When I click on my avatar. top right, it says "equipment" and it is a blank black page. I had some gear equipped already, A wand, pants and a vest. Plus it is not in my inventory as well.

Go to the Inventory and click on Equipment there Wink
#12 Bee
Well I know that, but it looks like this with me :

[Image: Foto_23.05.17_12_48_52.png]bilder kostenlos

I can't even klick on equipment, and I had some already

Nothing about the perks and slots :

[Image: Foto_23.05.17_12_49_24.png]Kostenloses Bilderhosting
#13 Maguss
What do you mean you cant click on equipment? On those screenshots you are not in the equipment but avatar screen. Go to INVENTORY and tap on EQUIPMENT. This is AVATAR screen. Here you only see your AVATAR. Moreover, if you TAP on skills, all the perks roll down.
#14 Bee
So this is why a manual of some form might be helpful  Big Grin

Got one spell sequence that I never get right, not even in training, I tried it dozens of times. Might this be a bug as well ?
#15 laszlowaty
Bug with equipment from avatar screen is already reported. Regarding sequence: try it few more times or think about reporting a bug.
#16 Memnoich
Bee which slot/ingredient are you having problems with the glyph? Most have difficulty with the 3rd Slot glyph, the biggest thing I can say with that is make sure you aren't drawing them too small. Whenever I get in a hurry I start drawing them smaller, in which case I start to fail them more often.
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
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