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#1 Ediwir
I wanted to open a thread for questions/discussions of all kind regarding Maguss lore. Obviously, if the devs were to join in, it'd be lovely, but users are free to discuss in grey areas i hope Smile hopefully it can become a base for fanfics/game enrichment?
I'll start on a few basics:

-Is the Maguss-verse alternative (think High Fantasy), separated (think Potter) or superimposed (think The Doctor)?
-How popular and well-known is magic? How wide are the Orders?
-Are there Muggles and how are they called? (I propose Commons if there's none) How do they deal with creatures? Do they know of magic?
-Why is magic so addictive? Big Grin
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#2 Maguss
Hello Ediwir. Great questions. We are more than glad to announce that we are already working on lore and the first pages have been written. In a week, maybe week and a half, we should be able to release first excerpts.
#3 Monty
That is great, looking forward to more lore of the world we live in. I mean the Maguss is set in :-)
#4 Memnoich
I'm hoping for it to be as exciting as I think it will be.
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#5 Mandraw
A big yes for extensive lore !
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#6 Tereza Kulovaná
I am so much looking for the lore!
#7 Bell
I am going to be one of those people that starts writing fan fiction lore and then builds a cult based off of it...
I have too much time on my hands...
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#8 Ediwir
Yeah, i'm one of those people too - only, i want a solid base Big Grin or to say it better, i want to be consistent with the official lore... for the most part.
"where would you look if i told you to find a bezoar?"

"in the ingredient cabinet, Professor."
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