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    Please write here a feedback about player progression so we can make necessary adjustments. That may include answers to questions:

    1. Is gold earning sufficient/too much?
    2. Is leveling up too fast/slow?
    3. Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?
    4. Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?
    5. Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?
    6. Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?
    7. Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?
    8. Which part is the most fun or the least fun?
    9. Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.

    This will obviously be very subjective in most cases, but it can give us a better picture about what needs to be improved.

    Thank you! :)

    PS: I won't be replying to your answers so we don't flood the thread with unnecessary posts, but your answers are very helpful and we are very grateful for them.

  • @maguss said in Player progression:

    Is gold earning sufficient/too much?
    Is leveling up too fast/slow?
    Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?
    Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?
    Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?
    Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?
    Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?
    Which part is the most fun or the least fun?
    Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.

    Im currently on level 40 and play a rogue

    1. I have 79217 Gold and don't really know what do do with it. Maybe an option to buy specific ingredients would be nice (see 4)
    2. Leveling up for me is just at the right pace.
    3. I have quite a few in my inventory and I'm still looking for new equipment with empower, because I can't but more points into it during a level up (is that on purpose my empower is currently on 32?)
    4. it varies. some ingredients I have way to many of. but others even tier 1 ones I rarely find which makes brewing potions hard. Being able to buy certain ingredients would help.
    5. I can't really say i rarely use them, forget to use them
    6. i think it's fine as it is
    7. some monsters are just tedious und impossible to fight. for example those flame thingies make it impossible for me to cast anything because of overheating
    8. I'm not really a fan of chests always spawning in the same location, maybe randomize them a bit within a certain radius.
      I do like the aspect of customizing your fighting style with many different spells. although almost everyone uses the same combination which makes pvp kind of predictable
    9. I haven't really payed attention to equipment or used potions so i can't really say.
      I also only use the same spells and almost every other player i fought in pvp uses almost the same. Maybe make a few more appealing spell combinations.

    All in all i really enjoy this game and I'm looking forward to interacting with other players and the world even more.

    1. Gold earning seems well balanced. When I wanted to buy something, I usually had to work a bit to get the gold, but it was achievable once I made that my goal without feeling like I was grinding or missing out on other opportunities. But that said, I sell almost all the potions I make for gold - if I were to start using potions regularly, I'm not sure how I'd afford to meet my gold goals.

    2. I felt like levelling was good. Between the character levels and the spell trees, I felt like I was always close to achieving something and regularly getting rewarded.

    3. My biggest complaint is probably with the equipment pieces. I have yet to find a legendary piece. They all seem to be grey or white. The drops were so rare, I had to purchase the equipment daily or I'd never complete a set. And even then, by the time I completed a level's set, my character had already levelled up so I typically felt like I was playing catch up. Later in the game, I started playing only a bit each day and was able to purchase a set in advance, but I'd like the game to accomodate my dedicated levelling instead of rewarding my lazy performance. I don't understand the theory being used with the equipment. Some sets don't offer many stat bonuses that help my class. At times I felt it might be better to wear armour pieces from 2 or 3 sets prior and that really discouraged me from working towards getting the new gear. In the alpha, this simplistic armour was acceptable, but I'm hoping to see more complexity and strategy/class-linkage to the armour sets in the beta.

    4. The more I levelled up, the more diverse some of the ingredients became; and while that made gathering a bit more exciting, it also meant the effort required to gather the necessary number of different ingredients grew logarithmically. I really like @Mazikeen's suggestion. Having a market for buying ingredients with gold or trading ingredients would be really helpful. The beans were an interesting idea, but I never much liked using them - I dunno why. Maybe trading one V ingredient for five I ingredients/beans or two IV for one V would help reduce a lot of gathering/brewing frustration.

    In addition to the brewing mini-game, maybe introduce some sort of farming mini-game like for growing a potted plant that with enough love and attention will produce some number of ingredients a day or something. I think I'd much more enjoy planting my beans and growing something (that I choose/need - not random) than just using a bean in a brew.

    1. The timing is fine, but sometimes (maybe because of how I'm clicking the screen) instead of showing the potion animation, it takes me back out to the cauldrons, and I have to go back in to collect the potion after successfully brewing it - and that's very frustrating.

    2. PVP is really fun, but after getting out of the beginners division, there weren't enough active players for me to keep duelling - I couldn't progress out of the bronze division. I spent a day using potions and boosts and couldn't find anyone to duel, so after that, I just sold all my potions and never got to experience the boosts.

    Most PVE battles went way too long (especially if I'm going to play the game in winter). I want it to go a few rounds so I get to use lots of spells, but some battles it felt like I'd cast a round of spells, then spend the next round cooling off, then repeat. Heat is a smart system, but once we're both spent, the battle just drags on painfully long.

    1. Leveling Invocation was a bit difficult. I found myself using the abilities as throw-aways to level the tree as opposed to any kind of meaningful strategy. Maybe it's my class, but there weren't enough scenarios where it made sense for me to use the abilities often enough to get any kind of meaningful xp progression. The heat was usually better-spent elsewhere. For example, as a rogue with high evasion, no matter how many times I threw Ultimate Evasion into the battle, the attacks still normally landed on me. It was a much more effective strategy to cast attacking spells than evading.

    2. There are several abilities that are too circumstantial to be of any value in a battle where you cast your spells in advance without knowing what your opponent is going to cast. The abilities sound pretty cool if your opponent used the right spell and they go off at the right time, but given the risk, there are often better ways to spend the heat than sinking it into a spell with potentially no payout. If there was a short window to defend/counter after an attack that would open up a lot more diversity and may encourage people to create more diverse decks.

    3. I'm not really sure. The potions never lasted long enough for me to use them in PVP - hoping there will be more players in the open beta so this won't be an issue. As it is, I just used them to make gold.

    I love this game and can't wait to play with more friends in the open beta. Thanks for putting in all the hard work to make this game a reality.

    1. Is gold earning sufficient/too much?
      I started last reset with 600k moneys (i crafted and sold a lot of potions in August) so i'm not really sure :D
      Overall seems fine. However you should rise up daily quests rewards, i never do them because it's greately more rewarding to kill monsters or collect a few ingredients and craft a potion to sell it. In my opinion every daily quest should give 500 gold each, but i think even 1000g each would be fine

    2. Is leveling up too fast/slow?
      I have 212k exp right now, i think the time it took to get to level 50 is quite good, maybe i would have liked it to be juuuust a little more challenging

    3. Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?
      No! i want mooore! i have 27 pieces of equipment and i'm far from happy, i want to collect them all! And you should really add a chance to find equip from monster higher than tier IV (and where in the hell are amulets and spellbooks??)
      Collecting items is one of the "end game" challenges right now :)

    4. Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?
      Before august i was able to collect a lot of ingredients while travelling by train, because if i correclt remember, you could stack 1000 on one single inventory slot. Now with the 30x per inventory slot this is not possible anymore so i think it is fine as it is

    5. Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?
      Ridicolously low, i will never craft potions in order to use them unless they work for ATLEAST 1 hour.
      Right now i only craft potions in order to sell them

    6. Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?
      Pve combat time is ok, pvp i'm not sure. I think it's too short, but i'm sure this will change when you guys fix/change the spells

    7. Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?
      I hate it when i look for pvp opponents and there are no active players of my division around. You should really change the matchmaking in order to avoid those situations most of the time

    8. Which part is the most fun or the least fun?
      PvE and PVP are super fun
      levelling up seconday skills is fun
      levelling up spells schools is annoying, you should rather render it a bit easier or make it different to be more appealing (i know being able to buy stronger spells is appealing, but since most of them do not work it's not that interesting right now)

    9. Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.
      Too many spells don't properly work right now, so hard to say if they are too powerful/too weak. Looking forward for the patch where you will fix/change them :)
      Eq doesn't look too powerfull right now, maybe if you enable tier V+ items with green/yellow/purple stats they might become too powerfull

    10. I really love your work guys, keep rocking!

  • I think all as been said. I have just started in December. I think all class are well balanced. Each have one have counter (So goes for the mob, i love it) but despite that 50% of the PvP is VS the same Set of power. I don't have loot a lot of equipement but i think much different can be better. For now, it's just a stat boost (Or so I've seen until now) maybe some with special effect ?

    Exemple : no stat boost but one time per fight can excess de overheating bar ?

    For the ingredient the problem is I don't use potion so I can not state the rate of loot and the utility of these 2. I think much potion effect can do better and use them in combat (I see especialy one that reduce the lenght of Dot by One turn).

    Anyway, you have done a well job until then, so i have faith in you. My only worry is for the dust system. A shitty paiement system can broke a game.

    I can't stat for the speed of progression but I think it's a too fast. I just play the early game but i can just barely learn how to type a new spell before learn a new patter.

    PS : English is not my primary language.

  • @mazikeen Aroma potions are not working at all. I constantly have monsters right outside of the action ring. I use perfect Aroma potions, and no monsters come into my action circle.

  • Is gold earning sufficient/too much?

    I think it is enough, with the last adjustement of potions prices.

    Is leveling up too fast/slow?

    At the moment it is too fast

    Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?

    Nop. Both, the shop and the drops are not very usefull.

    Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?

    The problem here is that when you are in a car, you get a lot of them, but the amount you get walking it's ok.

    Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?

    Al potion timers are too shorts.

    Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?

    if you fix the bugged spells and reduce the efectiviness of the heals i think it is ok.

    Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?


    Which part is the most fun or the least fun?

    The most fun is PVP. the least fun is brewing, but necesary to earn gold.

    Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.

    Since I have seen so little eq, i cant answer this. potions are a little weak.

    1. Gold earning.. Well, by itself, gold income is a bit meager. Once you can start brewing and selling potions, gold income is not a problem anymore. At least in my case - I do alot of brewing. Now, I don't know what to do with my gold, except wait to buy new potion recipes. It would be nice to have something big to invest in like guild stuff and such.
    2. Leveling up: The pace seems a tiny bit fast, but overall ok.
    3. Equipment: The amount of items is okay. Some more variation would be nice. For example: The wand I use looks just like the one I used as my first beginner wand.
    4. Ingredients: It depends. Gathering while walking takes alot of time. Collecting via car (with someone else driving ofc) or bike feels very rewarding. The variation is okay I guess - something is always missing, but Tier 1 beans make easy and cheap replacements.
    5. Potion time effect: Could be longer imo. 15 mins is reaaally short. Even 30 mins is not much, considering how long the potion took to brew in the first place.
    6. Pvp: I like it. Just the matchmaking sucks atm - getting people who are 10 lvls higher than you can be very frustrating, especially in the beginning when regenerating health still takes long and health potions are expensive.
    7. "stuck": Yeah. Every time I try to brew a Tier VII potion (dexterity- or tranquility-potion), the ingredients are consumed, tonic is reduced, but the brewing minigame does not start. I can only abord, which leaves me with a bad potion and hardly any brewing experience. Really frustrating.
      Happens to lower tier potions too sometimes, mostly with slow internet connection; but the Tier VII-Potions ALWAYS get stuck.
    8. Fun: Drawing glyphs and alchemy advancement through brewing potions is the most fun to me. Getting mostly junk out of chests and potion minigame not working sometimes is the least fun. Looking forward to some more live to the world - dungeons etc. On that point: Having lots of beasts and ingredients in rural areas as well is awesome. Same chances here as in towns. Thanks for that!
    9. "eq too powerful": I can't really say. Good equipment gives a big stat boost, but I havn't figured out what that changes concidering damage and defense. Potions make a huge difference, but that's good, considering the effort it takes to make them. Spells... well, I think the usual PVP wombocombo of "pine needles" plus "energetic strike" is a little overpowered.
      What I can't figure out is how "defense" works exactly. Since I'm playing a warden, I have lots of it but don't see much difference in damage reduction to my wife who is playing as a paladin.

    All in all this game has loads of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. Just the Tier VII potion bug is really annoying.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Is gold earning sufficient/too much?

    I think this depends on your personal strategy. If you're crafting and selling potions regularly, you're able to make quite a lot of gold. But I doubt that the other ways to earn gold are profitable enough.

    1. Is leveling up too fast/slow?

    It's quite right in my opinion. I'd hate to see a leveling mechanism similar to that one of PoGO, where higher levels need ridiculous amounts of XP (which are simply unreachable in rural areas). I really like the fact that while leveling up you have to decide your own strategy (more dark arts or more sorcery? Or maybe focus more on invocations or incantations?). This diversity makes Maguss more interesting and player-indivdiual.

    1. Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?

    Equipment makes Maguss more interesting. I'd really like to collect more of them to have the chance to experiment with different combinations and to change the look and skills of my avatar now and then. But this is almost impossible because I have to store equipment together with ingredients in my inventory. Maybe it would be better to have two different inventories: one for equipment, one for ingredients. Or to be able to store more than one piece of equipment in a single slot (doesn't have to be 30 like for the ingredients, but something around 5-7 pieces would be great).

    1. Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?

    It is quite easy to collect lots of ingredients while using public means of transport or while travling by car. This way you're able to craft a lot of potions (and sell them later).

    But if you're walking by foot, sometimes it is really hard to gather a considerable amount of ingredients. I think this is somehow biased and unfair. A player should be rewarded more for exploring while walking. Maybe this could be done by increasing the ingredients spawn rate at lower movement speeds, and decreasing this rate if moving faster (e.g. in a car or public transport).

    It would also be great if there was a possibilty to exchange / trade ingredients (e.g. 3-5 of one type to get 1 of another). This would help to avoid collecting lots of useless ingredients which are blocking precious slots in my inventory (selling them unfortunately gains quite few gold).

    1. Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?

    I have to admit that I almost never use any potions any more, exept of healing potions (I'm just selling them for gaining gold).

    I tried some allure/aroma potions hoping to attract more monsters (maybe even while not changing my position or moving slow). But i never noticed any significant difference, so I stopped using them. Those potions should attract monsters even if not moving.

    Maybe a new potion which has the same effect as the circle size booster for a limited time (e.g. 20min) would be helpful.

    And please remove all the recipes from the shop which I already own. Buying new ones can get quite confusing if you already have a certain amount of recipes (it happened to me that I bought the same recipe twice).

    And there's some bug in the recipe shop: it looks like even those recipes from the higher tiers only need 3 different ingredients. But afterwards it's obvious that you need more ingredients than it was displayed in the shop (4 instead of 3). Quite difficult to choose the right recipes to buy this way.

    1. Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?

    I think it's quite right like it is. Of course it depends on the number of players living nearby my usual locations. I live in a quite rural area, and it seems that there are not too many other people around who are also playing Maguss. Hope this changes if the game is released.

    And maybe it would be more interesting to be able to use potions DURING a battle (for example after I noticed that my opponent already has some painful skills). Could help to avoid that battles are too straight forward and mostly determined by the level and equipment of the opponents.

    1. Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?

    Not really stucked, but quite often important things (like chests) simply are unreachable. This is quite a pity, escpecially for chests, because it seems that they're always spawning in the same area with too less variation in their position. Near my homebase I can regularly see a chest, but in 9 of 10 cases, it's unreachable for me (placed in a open field on the other side of a major street which can't be crossed on foot).

    There are some monsters in the game I'm never willing to fight against because they seem to be quite unbalanced. For example, theres's some snow/winter-like looking monster (can't remember the name at the moment) which is constantly healing himself (I once tried to fight one if them almost 100 rounds before I simply gave up). And another (flame-like looking) one permanently pushes my heat to the maximum so that I'm simply completely unable to cast any spells (which ist boring an frustrating).

    Some spells seem to be unbalanced. I have the feeling that some spells from lower tiers are more powerful than those from higher tiers. Example: most of the times I'm more successful by using magic arrow (tier 1) instead of cloudkill (tier 7). Spells from higher levels should always be significantly better during a fight. This has the effect that battles can get quite boring and that there's less motivation to buy / learn more spells.

    1. Which part is the most fun or the least fun?

    I love to see that Maguss can be played even at rural areas (one of the most disappointing aspects in PoGO), because monsters, ingredients and chests are spawned randomly. Unfortunately this also means that all their positions are individual and players which are walking as a team are somehow are all playing for themselves. We have three Maguss players in our family, but we're sharing to few experiences when walking around together.

    I'd like to see some additional aspects which would motivate several players to visit certain shared places. I think some more team-oriented aspects would greatly increase the social attraction of the game. Maybe the announced dungeon challenges could be such a "team-thing"? I really would appreciate that.

    1. Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.

    Hmmmm, it's difficult to answer that. I hadn't many chances to test different equipment pieces because I would need more slots in my inventory to store them (most slots are used by ingredients). Like I already mentioned: it would be better to have additional storage for the equipment to really be able to collect and use more pieces and combinations.

    Same for the potions: I almost never use them, because they're timed and I can't be sure to meet enough opponents to be worth that. It can happen to easily that I activate a potion which lasts for 20min and then I have only contact to 2 or 3 monsters to fight against during my walk. It would be better if potions also could last a certain amount of rounds (without time limits). And if they could be activated during a battle.

  • Is gold earning sufficient/too much?
    I'm only level 8 but I'm always broke, which is fine. Too much easy gold is just killing the game.

    Is leveling up too fast/slow?
    Too fast. Reaching max lvl should be a very hard goal if you want to attract dedicated players. It should take months.

    Do you have access to too many equipment pieces?
    Yes, that's well balanced.

    Do you have too many ingredients too fast/with too little efforts?
    Fairly fast if I take public transportation. Rewarding players with more ingredients when they are walking would make the game safer and more enjoyable.

    Is time of the potion effect too long/too short?
    At my level, it's fair. If it's not long enough I can just make another one...

    Is pvp/pve too short/too long/too dull?
    Best game mechanics I've seen in years. Very inovative. This will bring a lot of players to this game.
    However I was disappointed when I read I would need to pay to encounter special monster. That's not rewarding in my opinion. How about you let players unlock 1 new monster when they completed 3 daily quests ? At the moment those daylies are not valorized enough anyway.
    Don't panic, people will spend thousands on your game, especially if they think it's a fair game and not a pay to win.

    Is there any point in the game when you feel you are stuck?
    Not as much as other games since I can always duel, brew, or battle some wild monster that venture too close to my den.

    Which part is the most fun or the least fun?
    Battling is great fun.
    The rollplay side deserves a bit more efforts...
    The classes and factions are only mentioned in the first 5 MN of the game, while it could be so much more.

    Is eq too powerful/too weak? Same goes for potions/spells.
    I haven't found any unbalanced point so far.

    I wish you good luck and I keep my fingers crossed for your launch when you will be ready.

    1. It seems sufficient for me... Kinda slow, but slow as it should be.

    2. No, it's fine.

    3. Equipments tend to drop at a slightly high rate (tier 1 only). I guess it's fine for the start, then get to tier 2/3 and get a rarer drop as it already is.

    4. Some ingredients are too abundant and some are way too rare, even tier 1 ingredients.

    5. I don't use them.

    6. Way too unbalanced. Actually playing everyday less Maguss because of it. I always match with level 20+ users. Today it was the last drop when I matched with a level 40, even though I'm only at level 8 lol

    7. Yup, when trying to play PvP to up my season situation, it's just not worthy to play and upgrade my level because I'll always be matched with higher level players.

    8. The least fun for sure is PvP or battling against tier 1 monsters that kill you with 5 or 6 rounds, when you're already overheated and they are at 5 points of overheat...

    9. Not really pay attention to equipments, I add the most powerful ones I get but it doesn't seem to have a big effect. Potions are fine, I guess. Some spells are too powerful for little money.

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    @diego It seems we need to rethink PvP match-making. Thanks for the feedback.

    • I think it's sufficient at the moment, maybe it's to easy to get.

    • At the beginning it's easy and around level 10 becomes hard to level up, I think this curve has to be maintained. If you have more level, harder have to be to level up.

    • Not really, in the store I always see the same equipment and the monsters don't give many. But also I think it's good to be hard to get good items.

    • It's equilibrated because when you level up you have more variety of ingredients and more difficult to find the ones you need.

    • It's perfect, not really short and not really long, you can probably do more than 3 battles with the potion.

    • I feel that combats against monsters should be shorter, but maybe it's me that I don't know enough the weakness of the monsters.
      The PvP as you said should be modified.

    • I'm level 11 and my meta right now is to go up on the PvP but the matchmaking is broken so we will need to wait. And also we have to wait for the raids and Faction Wars, Dungeons, etc. :)

    • The most fun is the fact to involve the real world with the game and all the options the game provides to us and the game modes.
      I can't say that with an alpha, a lot of stuff needs improvement, the graphics of the map need to be improved and easiest to difference water, parks, buildings, etc. Also, make the menus uniform.

    • I haven't seen or tested all the equip or potions yet :P

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