BUG LIST: Suggestions

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    • Would like to see Google login, similar to FB login.
    • Ability to register FB or Google to account
    • Check FB login matches to current account


    • Account info Page
    • Android back button usable
    • Player's gold always visible on main screen
    • Creature Attractant Item(incense)
    • system status bar remains visible to view network connectivity and battery usage.
    • Move log to separate window.
    • More information from PvP/E battles in log.
    • Separate Logs into different tabs, all, system, combat
    • Separate window for Dueling


    • swipe left or right for navigation
    • Give Perk "choices". When you level a skill, give options to choose from as to which perk you get.


    • Allow for multiple item sales at same time, i.e. ingredients and potions
    • Allow sorting, sort by type(ingredient, equipment, scroll,etc...), sale price, etc..
    • Filter Inventory - ability to see only certain items or types of items (recipes, potions, beans, equip...)
    • Armory - The ability to define equipment sets and spell decks as a quick change. Allowing to predefine your PVP/PVE sets and swap them quickly.
    • Key Ring - Hold chest keys, separate from inventory slots
    • Herb Sack - Hold herbs in separate container from Inventory
    • Potion Bag - Hold potions in separate container from inventory


    • Ingredient Glyph Training
    • Decrease ability to make "Perfect" Potions, i.e. if you fail glyph, it jumps the timer to past where you would make a perfect potion, Making you having to be perfect to make a perfect potion.


    • Increase shown gold total for multiple item purchase.


    • Change sound for losing.
    • Dueling Tutorial.
    • Optimize screen use when in battle
    • Cancel Glyph button
    • Combat icons often disappear too quickly
    • More animation to battle
    • Duel mode - Ability to toggle remote duel requests on or off.
    • Pause PvE battles when a call comes in
    • Multiple Monster forms
    • Victory screens close faster, option to turn off success screens or maybe just have info as a quick 2-3 sec overlay as map loads
    • Item Drop - Make Clickable to see item info


    • swipe left or right for navigation
    • Set default spell Helper Glyph
    • Change Spellbook to Spell Tome, and use Spell book in place of Deck. Or use something else besides 'Deck' to designate your spell being brought into battle
    • Spellbook/Deck 'Sets' - The ability to create custom spell set with custom icon, and save them for quick change spells.
    • Make custom 'Sets' selectable from battle/duel screen. Have 5 sets, viewable by assigned icon, be able to set a default set for automatic selection.


    • Zoom Map
    • Map too hard to see in the sun.
    • Global Map PC accessible
    • View, but not gather, ingredients outside of circle of influence
    • Options to hide/filter things on map, i.e. players, ingredients(individual), Creatures (individual)
    • Ingredient overlay - Allow click through


    • Chests Items - Make Clickable to see item info.
    • Home Base to heal at, movable maybe once a week.
    • Battery Save mode - Dim screen but continue to run.
    • Public/private visibility button
    • 3 modes of play:
      • Battery saver: 2D with fake background
      • Default: 3D with fake background
      • AR: 3D with camera background

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