To less duells/comp.points

  • Hello,
    Here is a little feedback from lvl 41/42.

    I can not find matches forever. Only a hand of players are on my level or am I too low and most players are level 50 already?

    I can not get rank or competition tags if I can not find duels.
    Can there possibly be points for the time in the search? Or all levels play against each other again.

    So it is not possible to earn 3000 rank list points for the Seasonset in 70 days.

  • there will be a hard core mode added to the PvP system that will allow you to PvP without the tier limits. Lower players will get more Rank Points and CP if they beat a player of a much higher level and will loose less Rank point is they loose.

    Im level 50 and so far have not been able to get any ranked match's since the change.

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