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    @spykevillain Hello, as Antony said we are going to implement a hardcore mode. I am sorry but we do listen to all your feedback - I personally read ALL our social media channels and Forum - and we are trying to find a solution. We also haven't marketed the game at all since launch therefore it is normal there is less players around your level. We will start doing that soon.

  • @maguss It would be great if there was an option to always be available for duel. Basically you could enable a "Available for duel" in the Options (similar to Show my location ) and as long as you were playing you'd be able to enter duels. The idea would be to avoid having to click the Duel button all the time and increase the number of active duelers. If you do implement a hardcore mode, maybe the duel should be suggested and you would have 20 seconds to accept or refuse.

  • @tiagojdferreira I don't think declining should ever be an option again, that experience of getting constantly declined was more frustrating than not finding any matches. If you choose to PvP, you should be prepared for whatever is awaiting you in the queue.

  • @rollingcode I didn't know that that was implemented previously. What you say makes sense, and I can see how players might get picky and try to find only matches that they are sure to win, making the whole situation frustrating for everyone. I am however afraid that duels might become no fun for lower level players as you always find players that are way above your level. I don't know if you played pokemon go, but if you start a new account now you will see that you can not fight in gyms or raids until you are around level 30 (a normal player who plays daily will probably take a couple of months to get there). I am afraid that something similar will happen here. That new players (level 5 to 20) will be crushed by higher level players every time they play

  • @tiagojdferreira I think that is why they are implementing two PvP queues, normal for balanced matchmaking in your bracket and league, and hardcore for matching anyone, with incentives/more rewards for the lower level players when matched vs. higher levels. I'm interested to see how that plays out, and not sure if it will be the right answer to solve the current problem.

    I have played Pokemon Go since release, and I can understand the high barrier for new players to get into the gym/raid scene since there are so many high level players now. I also played Draconius Go, and they have a tiered system where they separated players based on levels for the purposes of gyms and "PvP" (bot controlled, not true PvP like Maguss).

    Hopefully Maguss can create a system where all players will be able to be satisfied with their play experience, but that will be hard to judge until they increase their player base.

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    This problem with not enough players in PvP is all due to currently low players base. We are not afraid this will stay the same after we start marketing. Just give us a bit more time to finish 2 new features and fix the most serious bugs.

  • Thx for answer on my issius, its the first time i become feedback from developer....

    I cant understand why u change the PVP System if u know u have to less players in each level.
    I understand if u say its current not on marketing, but the play impressions of the beta player are importent for the presentation after marketing.
    If ask me a friend about maguss i would say... Nice Idea but to many essencial problems.

    Also for a beta in my opinion u have to do more and faster or role back the update if u see the community is dissatisfied, unless u didnt want to make money with ur game...

    And the not working PVP is only just the tip of the iceberg...

    Spell Casts DMG reduce... many good working Druid Rotations are complete broken
    No Chance aganinst the most of the champions but there are spamming and locking my map, to less view on map... i will plan my walk direction.
    Self Heal destroyed... fights to long... to less high level amory, to less gold and to many "pay 2 win" current ... etc... and so on

  • What pay to win is there, luck booster could be classed as pay to win but you can get MD from the bazaar for free. It might take a few days to build up but it's still free.

  • U cant "farm and grind" for gold or md... watching adds is hard reduced so its not a way to generate MD.

    U need Boost for Equip, u need Potitions for having a chance to win against champion and so on...

    I see pay to win everywere and it will be more and more with every update... thats the way to "marketing" maybe...

    But its an other discussion for an other threat.

    Im not shure about playning maguss for long if i writ more about issius in forum as i enjoy the game...

  • Ok I see what you mean but grinding ads all day means your not playing and I see pay to win in a different way.

    To me p2w is boxes with X chance for Uber powerful items that are better than can be found in game, or like in dracgo were you can buy items at effect every aspect of the game and give massively big bonus on how the game is played and there not cheep to buy either.

    Pay to win would in Maguss would be adding extra bonus stats to illusions just to sell them. Maguss don't want to be a money grab game imo and they have stated that several times. They want a good game that is played on it on merit and not how much money they can grab buy making a few spenders Uber op.

    The game is still in beta so there's still alot of balancing to be done a head of full release. All I can say is good luck to them and every success.

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