No more chests for free?

  • In the last update, did the Devs change the algorithm for where the chests show up? Before the update, I used to be able to walk down the street to pick up a chest, everyday. Now I have to spend Magic Dust to get any chest.

  • they have halved the normal interaction circle in the new update, so you will need to be closer to the chests now to collect them. I think you now have to be within 50 meters to collect them without summoning.

  • Just tested again, with interaction booster on I could collect a chest at 94 meters without having to summon.

  • I'm not complaining about the new circle of action. In fact, I think it's better than before. Because monsters no longer bounce off the CoA. If they are touching it, you can battle them. Same thing for ingredients. I haven't tried a chest yet. Because I see none that I can walk to. I just wish they didn't change the chest spawning algorithm.

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