Gold - What do you spend it on?

  • I have started playing the game recently and I am now at level 15. At first I would have to budget my gold to be able to buy the potion recipes, but right now I have 10k gold and the next potion recipes will only cost around 3.2k, so I am starting to have more gold than I need. I don't feel it's worth to buy the 3rd cauldron just now, cause I spend all my tonic as is, and the equipment in the store is never above good, so not worth buying when compared with monster drops. A part from a few health potions when I'm doing PvP I don't know where to spend the gold.
    What do you guys spend gold on?

    By the way, I think it's a shame that the equipment in the shop is never better than good. I feel that this would probably be the place where I would spend the most money because I could either try to complete my current set, or try to get the new tier sets as soon as possible when I get the them available through levelling up

    • Spells, cost goes up as you get to higher tiers and having options is always nice.
    • Aroma & Allure potions to get more monsters to fight faster or when you're not out walking around.
    • Potion brewing, you can buy tonic, beans to replace ingredients, and beans to speed up brewing.

    As for equipment quality in the shop, I feel like that is a complement to the item drops from monsters and it should not be a replacement for higher quality item drops that you need to fight monsters for. Its a good way to get the basic quality gear as you unlock new tiers, but its not a replacement for getting items from monsters. There is a feature that devs have designed called "Wandering Bjorn" that is a mobile vendor you need to find and go to that can sell higher quality items, but I think its pretty far down their priority list right now.

  • @tiagojdferreira Just making sure. I hope you purchase all the spells you can afford. Press the spells book button, and buy new spells. I can't tell you how to start, but I suggest you eventually buy them all. You never know, you might need it later.

  • @stevenrice I haven't bought them all just yet, but I did already buy a few. I usually buy them when:
    A) A PvE didnt go very well
    B) I unlock a new deck slot
    C) A PvP didn't go well.

    Thanks for the tip, I will probably start buying more spells.

  • @rollingcode I do not wish the shop to be a replacement for monster drops, I still think higher quality gear should come from monsters. I do feel however that by not having excellent (green) quality gear in the store, the store becomes useless. Have you bought any gear there recently? Cause I haven't. I have my wornout set that I got from monster drops and I don't feel like trying to get a different set since I don't find anything with at least the same level of quality.

    Thanks for sharing the info about the Wandering Bjorn. I can understand why developers don't see it as a priority. If I was in the product development I would probably also keep that as a nice to have down the priority list. It also depends a lot on what he actually sells. Maybe he could be an answer to my problem, but right now it sounds more like a nice to have

  • @tiagojdferreira

    well you can use gold for the following:-

    buy beans to replace missing potion ingredient's.

    buy extra tonic when you run out and don't want to wait for it to replenish (so buying the extra cauldrons is better if you want to make more potions in 1 hit now you cant used ad's over and over.

    buying 90gp healing potions (give the best value for hp/gold cost) when you need to heal up and don't want to walk.

  • @tiagojdferreira I have bought gear from the store while leveling up, its more important at higher levels when the item drop rate falls off significantly. For example, when you get to Tier X gear, buying a Good wand (+15 emp) from the store is usually top priority. Once you hit max level, store is not as useful.

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