Duel crashing is a lot worse after this update

  • ... or I just have bad luck.

    The "no one does anything, but the duel ends" thing is back with a real vengeance.

    Since the log shows 0 spells cast by both sides, it'd be nice if they could wipe record of those duels and recalc the points so I don't keep dropping to 0.

    (That and the Mirrored Destiny thing - they should simply turn the spell off for now.)

  • I feel you. have been getting this as well, even before the update.

    It's like a triple whammy.

    • MD players/exploiters
    • Gylph recognition loss
    • Insta Win/Lose (fine if i win, but if its a loss. =( )

    and thats why im currently still at 0.


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