Potion Use Cap

  • The maximun number os potions you can use at a time now is 3, I'think it's too low. If I'm not wrong it was reduced because some people said it would be unfair in pvp, but I would like to introduce some points:

    • Potions are not expensive to buy in the shop
    • You can brew better potion than the one you can buy
    • It's not hard to find ingredients to brew potions
    • Most of the players don't really use potions, but sell then to get gold

    After that what I want to say is: potions increase the strategy level of the game, you use them to complemente your spells and make you way to play more eficient. They really increase the dificult of the game and really would be indispenssable to play a high lvl PvP, but it wouldn't be unfair since most of the lvl 50 players don't have anything to use theyr money anyway. And there is the fact that now we have champion monsters that have very high status, using more potions would let us make more stategies to beat monsters much more stronger then us, what is impossible now if there isn't a clear flaw on the monster's AI.

  • I thought the same when the new update came out that it would be unfair in the reduction, but I find now it adds more strategy to the game coz now you cant buff EMP/CON/DEF/EVA and run a LIT for a straight +20 to all the main stats and -1 heat each round.
    So you now have to decided what your going to buff based on your base stats + equipment, class and types of spells you want to use. I can see most peeps got with the EMP/CON/DEF or EVA buffs but that is not putting real thought into your character.

  • I would argue that reducing the number of active potions increases the strategy as you have to really consider which three are the most important for a given case. With five potions, you just slam all the best ones for you, with three you have to make hard choice.

    Consider the list below, with five potions, you pick half, with three you pick a third.

    Top Tier Potions:

    • Psyche (Empower)
    • Protection (Defense)
    • Tranquility (Concentration)
    • Agility (Evasion)
    • Luck (Crit Chance)
    • Knock Down (Crit Power)
    • Long Island (Heat reduction)
    • Rejuventaion (HP regeneration)
    • Venomous (Infliction Empower and Defense)

  • administrators

    Hello guys, we believe less is more in this case. As you will soon be able to upgrade equipment items, 3 potions limit should be more than enough. We will see in the future though. Thanks for feedback.

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