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  • tl;dr: If in the new system low level players can fight high level players, the equipments shouldn't be taken into account.

    It seems that the current duel system makes it very hard to find matches around you. I saw somewhere that a new system is being developed where low level players can fight higher level and I wanted to raise my concerns. In a game like street fighter, the only difference between a high ranked player and a low ranked one is skill. The characters themselves do not evolve. In a game with rpg elements, like Maguss, the characters themselves evolve and there are several gaps between a high level player and a low level player.
    Level gap: The first one is the stats that you gain by levelling up. I don't think there is much we can do about that without taking away some fun from the game or feeling unfair to the users. Also, most of the times the level gap will only mean a few points difference.
    Class bonus: I have mixed feelings about these. They are a part of your character and removing them would feel unfair, but they do widen the gap between low level players and high level players. I think for now I would leave them alone and test to see how it goes.
    Equipment gap: the higher level you are the better gear you can get. Whereas the level bonus make up your character and are somewhat small, the equipment gap can be huge. Typically a low level player will have a partially complete good set, whereas top players have full mint sets. I would remove all equipment bonus and add some lore that traditionally wizards duel in bare hands.
    Potions gap: anyone can buy potions in the store so the gap here is between having the right to use 2 or 3 potions. Possible solution would be to move the 3 potion skill from level 15 to level 5 (or at least 10)

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    @tiagojdferreira We will see how the new system works first. We believe it provides enough incentives for lower level players to try defeat higher level players :)

  • @maguss one thing is reward, another thing is risk. I am sure that my level 16 character will destroy any level 5 the same way I know a level 30+ will crush me without even breaking sweat. Even if beating a level 50 would give me 500 dust, some epic equipment and a trip to visit the dev team, there's no way my level 16 could beat him. I think it is important to have this discussion before the feature comes out, because as a dev myself I know the cost of having to develop a feature and then having to completely change it because no one did proper user testing

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    @tiagojdferreira Many players liked the previous system because they beat level 30-40 with level 15-20. Trust me, it is not just about the level. A LOT is about strategy, potions and equipment. And especially now that we are going to add upgrading. You are going to lose less RP when losing against higher tier players too.

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