Ingredients as monster drops

  • It would be cool if some of the ingredients would be dropped by monsters as well. An obvious example is the lone wolf fang. Sometimes you'd find it in the map, but sometimes the monster would drop it.

  • I've been thinking about this as well. Some ingredients are literally asking for it - troll slime, dragon talon, basilisk scale, toad skin, mandragora medulla etc. Maybe these should by obtainable from monsters and chests only.

  • @martox said in Ingredients as monster drops:

    Maybe these should by obtainable from monsters and chests only.

    I am not sure I agree with this. I assume that when the player base grows you'll have a lot of players who prefer exploration/brewing/
    Herblore to the duel mechanics, and removing these ingredients from the map would hurt the experience. I just think they should be added as drops from some monsters to make dueling more rewarding. Best case scenario, you could add the notion of fresh ingredients. Ingredients picked from dueling would be fresh and that would make the potion start with part of the quality gauge filled.

  • the lore of the game its that we wizards are fighting monsters that are from another plan/rift/dimension and the idea is to banish them back. so I could be that once the are killed/banished they go poof and there is nothing left to take. the only reason you find ingredient's laying about is coz a wandering monster broke a tooth or shed a scale or a troll sneezed ect ect.

  • administrators

    We are adding Sila - a new resource required for upgrading - to moster drops. We believe ingredients are fine now and maybe rather, in the future, let monsters drop crafting materials :)

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