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  • Greetings Maguss Community ! I'd like to share with you my experience so far inside the game. I'm currently playng the game from 3 to 6 hours everyday and i'd like to start with the problems i've encounterd so far like:

    1. Ocazionally game freeze/not responding when battle loading with duel timer or not. It's not a big thing to argue about but it happens.
    2. Not finding any duel oponent when passing level 10. It's true, I'm currently level 12 and looking a good part of the time i'm playng for some oponents to challange and gain some ranks in season 4. What happend to duel it's fun to play but it's capped to level 10?
    3. Recipes are expensive. I'd want to craft something else then health potion but to pay so much gold for a recipe is hard at early levels.

    I'd like to continue with the things I love about the game:

    1. The interface is simple and easy to access also colorfull. I truely love it !
    2. The map is dinamic and full of resources and monsters to explore everyday also the treasure chest is a good bonus to have.
    3. Skills are amazing add-on to the progression inside the game.

    and finally I want to give my suggestions i'd love the devs to implement someday to the game like events or friend list with online/ offline status.


    PS: Feel free to move this post if you feel that it's not in the right place.

  • Gold becomes less of an issue as you gain levels.

    When the game starts to act sluggish it's best to log out and back in.

    PvP issue depends on if other players of you rank and level range are in game when your interested in dueling. Hopefully when Maguss runs it's advertising campaign soon more people will start playing.

    Stick with it and learn as much about the game and spell combos as you can this will help you when you finally do get the chance to PvP.

  • @sirtrebor like it was said before, the PvP match making should be easier with the release of the game. Also, they are planning to add a new dueling system where you can fight players outside your league and level.

    Regarding gold, my tips are:

    • sell potions. In the beginning you don't need that many potions. Maybe a few healing ones and 2 or 3 of your favourite buff when you do PvP or use an aroma potion. Make potions and sell them to finance recipes.
    • NEVER SELL AN AROMA POTION. You get more money from killing the monsters than from selling it. (Trust me, I buy a good aroma potion every night)
    • sell all the poor quality gear. Sell some of the good quality gear. Try to wear only excelent, mint and legendary gear.
    • use low tier monsters to heal you. Enter the battle and instead of killing the monster, use heal until you're fully healed. I use healing potions only before PvP or high tier monsters

    Hope this helps.

  • need to remember you can only get poor and good quality from normal monsters since last update and Excellent, mint and Legendary gear from Champions. it don't matter if its 1, 2 or 3 Skull they all have a chance to drop E, M & L quality. Farming Monsters 2 or more Monsters tiers below you will give you a higher chance of a drop.

  • @antony-hollinsworth didn't know that even excelent can only be attained from champions. Thanks for the tip ^^

  • @tiagojdferreira You can also now obtain higher quality equipment from Chests, I've got excellent and mint quality gear from chests, as well as Amulets and seen others post about getting Spellbooks.

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    1. Is that frequent? What smartphone model you have? PvP or PvE?

    2. At the moment, not many players are in that level bracker. Since PvP is now only availble in level brackets it is more fair than it was but since the player base is not that big now it is harder to find an opponent. We already designed a new feature to try to tackle this issue and after Rifts and Equipment upgrading is in the game we will start advertising.

    3. Well, not sure I agree with this point :D

    4. Thanks. Is there anything that could be improved?

    5. We are going to add Rifts soon - they will change how map looks too.

    6. We are going to add upgrading system soon :)

    I think you will like Rifts - a new co-op feature thats coming and also later some other things we have in plan.

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    @antony-hollinsworth You dont get a higher chance for a drop, you get a higher chance of a better quality :)

  • @maguss ok it seems to me you higher drop chance as well, but I leave a wake a dead low tier mobs when I feel the urge lol

  • @maguss

    Thank you for the replay, i'd love to answer to some things:

    1. It happens all the time, both combined, waiting for pvp and fighting a monster freezes the game.
    2. I've grinded some for that, it's not an issue anymore but what about the pewter cauldron at the cost of 8k coins ? why not start with one and unlock one completly for free at each 10 or so levels ? won't that feel more likely a reword for the hard work done into crafting inside the game ?
    3. Add frends list or some sort of community in place of summary. You can access the profile by clicking the icon in the top left.
    4. Great News !
    5. Will it include some sort of runes or glyphs that you can attach to item ? I can't wait to get some more info about that.

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