Developers' diary vol.5: New update and a current plan

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    Hello guys, there will be a new update tmrw. We fixed some of the issues such as characters missing head at the beginning, confusing texts and we also tried to fix the GPS problem where the transition was not smooth. We will be more than glad to hear your feedback (mainly regarding the GPS issue).

    The programmers are currently divided between the 2 fronts: monetization implementation and fixing bugs. The game designers work on adjusting the new monster stats and the design of a tutorial with a complete character creation process.

    The classes are finished, new stats and respective formulas too and after programmers finish the monetization they will begin implementing the new class and stats system.

    We have also done a numerous UI adjustements which should enhance your experience and make the game simpler to play.

    We also plan to introduce the battle log for you to analyze what went wrong.

    Talk soon.
    Maguss Team.

    0_1502890872757_Dev Diary 5_1.jpg 0_1502890879150_Dev Diary 5_2.jpg 0_1502890885058_Dev Diary 5_3.jpg 0_1502890893164_Dev Diary 5_4.jpg 0_1502890903787_Dev Diary 5_5.jpg

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