Reset my toon?

  • I am not happy with the way I leveled my Druid. How can I Reset that toon? I would understand if I had to delete him. But, if I do have to delete him, I would like to have a safe at my house. A safe that all my toons can use. I believe that a lot of people will like the idea of a safe at home, so we don't have to carry around any items that we won't need. And we can stash stuff that we want to save for later.

    I'm trying to look at this from a development perspective. I feel like you purposely made the inventory slots very valuable. So players need to spend real money. But, if the Devs want to, they can use the same system for expansion on the Home Safe. Maybe even call it a "bank" or "vault" Because the word "safe" could mean so many other things.

  • There is a way to reset your character's leveling stats now via Tome of Wisdom in the Luxuries > Tomes store, and you can also change your class via Tomes.

    I do like the idea of a shared stash space, if they provided a way to have multiple toons per account like many other popular MMORPG's. But given that Tomes exist, their model would appear to be that would can have 1 toon and you have freedom to change class and stats.

  • @rollingcode Good answer. I was just hoping to be able to do it for no money. I have multiple toons, because I use multiple email accounts. But I'm trying to level one of each class to max. To see which one I want to climb the ladder with. Besides, I tried to use a Tome, but I don't have enough Magic Dust. And the In-App purchase system is down ATM. I just really thought that the Devs would be able to delete my account, so I could make a new one. But, obviously, they see an opportunity to make some money on the reset.

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