So many crashes on iPhone 6 that I can't start

  • Hey, so I download the game and when I get to character creation screen, it ALWAYS crashes when:

    • I choose class (I choose paladin and it closes, when I open the game there is no longer class choice)
    • When I change anything on my character except color. Hair = crash, brow = crash, ...

    When I give up on trying to customize my character and go with what game generates, it is DRUID in the end, even though I chose Paladin.

    I tried:

    • Respring
    • Reboot
    • Reinstall the game
    • Use another way to log in
    • Download the game from official source
    • Download the game from unofficial sources

    I just want to create a character, why won't the app let me?

    iPhone 6 128GB
    iOS 10.1.1

  • administrators

    @mia Hey, I am afraid iPhone 6 is not powerful enough. It only has 1GB RAM. I suggest you try to kill all other processes before launching the game but that might not be enough. We will try to optimize the game further though.

  • So I installed BlueStacks to create a character but on my iPhone I still get either "GPS signal is weak" even though I am on 4G LTE 5/5 dots, or map won't load at all and no monsters appear in tutorial. I think I will wait a bit for this game to be finished. Good luck though!

  • administrators

    @mia We released a new update. Try now :)

  • Just saw this; I am using iPhone 6 and finding the V1.05 crash a lot; also the "GPS signal is weak" is constant when I am at my desk (worked fine with V1.04).

  • administrators

    @barriefish "GPS signal is weak" is normal inside buildings. GPS is not accurate inside buildings. We are working on optimization at the moment. Sorry about that :(

  • administrators

    @barriefish When exactly does it crash? 5 minutes after start? After battle? When entering battle?

  • After battle or switching screens sometimes; did not have these issues in v1.04, which fixed the crash issue in previous version.

  • Just want to update on the crashing issue; it has improved quite a bit for me since yesterday.

  • administrators

    @barriefish We are optimizng app now. We hope to release a much better build on Monday.

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