A question about multiple characters

  • So I am trying to fix the crashing problem now (still crashes with last update) and when I fix that with a miracle, I want to know something. So I heard I can have up to 2 wizards, and I want to know if i can help one with another. I don't know nearly ANYTHING about the game but I know the classes, and if this game is like the others; I'll make a paladin just to farm gear for my main wizard and give it to him. (Not sure about my main wizard's class, I think about warden or druid) Can I do that?

  • @wiwade at the moment there is no way to transfer equipment from 1 account to another.

  • @antony-hollinsworth Thanks for the information, but is there another way one wizard helping another grow in power? (When they are both same players, of course)
    If not, I'll think about my class. (Still thinking, now I think rouge MIGHT be an idea, but still I won't make paladin my main because it does nearly nothing except damaging)

  • there is, but you might as well just play the game the normal way you will learn more.

  • @antony-hollinsworth All right, I'll try to learn all the things I can in Maguss. If I still can't find the answer, I'm sure that other Wizards will help me :)

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    @wiwade You can always ask here if you have any troubles :)

  • @wiwade This is why I suggested that the game includes a BANK or a VAULT that is placed on our house. So we can trade between our toons. But, the Devs consider inventory space very valuable, making us spend Magic Dust on more inventory slots. This is why I suggest that the Devs use the same system for the BANK at home.

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