Steal spell question.

  • I could swear that I draw the Steal spell before the Drake draws its Soul Burn spell. But it rarely Steals that spell from the Drake.

    What exactly do I need to do to get my Steal spell to resolve before the Soul Burn?

  • if your fighting a monster and steal witch burn then it will do no damage to the monster as witch burn only does damage to other wizards. try casting witch burn your self on a monster and see the effect ie a big fat 0 damage. witch burn and soul burn are PvP only spells.

    If you want to reflect the damage of witch burn cast by a monster you need to use mirror destiny.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I guess you didn't see me reflect his spell. I believe that I have even stole his Cool Breeze. Sometimes it works, but I can't figure out why it works half the time. I was mistaken, I called it Witch Burn, but it's actually Soul Burn. I edited the first post. I believe that they wouldn't be PVP only spells if I see a monster casting it.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I just saw what you were saying. I critted him and saw that he damage was - 0. I'll figure something else out to beat the Drake. Thanks Tony. But I was hoping to hear from a Dev about the timing of the 3rd spell resolution order. Like, what causes my 3rd spell to Resolve before his 3rd spell. Can a Dev please help me?

  • @stevenrice if you look at the side of your spell bar and see the white mark that looks like < then you will know that your spells will be cast first. If the white > is next to the monsters spell bar then it will cast first. Steal will only steal a 3 slot spell when you cast first.

  • @stevenrice You need to have the heat available to cast the spells. Also there is a rogue spell that allows your spells to cast first.

  • Steal spell:
    Slots: 3
    Heat: 3+

    Steal allows you to take and recast the next spell cast after steal goes off. Steal will only work if you have enough free heat to cover the cost of the stolen spell eg you cast steal at a cost of 3 and you had 6 heat at the start of the turn so you heat is now 9. If the spell you steal has a heat cost of 6 or less you will steal it and cast it, if the spell has 7 or more heat then you will fail to cast it and the other player/monster will cast it as normal.

    Once a spell is stolen the heat cost for that spell is taken from the amount of heat you recover at the end of that round. Eg you had 9 heat when you cast steal and stole s spell with a heat of 4, when the round ends you add the heat of the stolen spell to your recovery. Normally you recover 4 heat per round, but the spell you stole cost 4 - 4 heat recovery = 0. If you are under the effect of cool breezes then recovery would be 4 - 6 = 2 and not the normal 6. If the spell you took was heat 6, then at the recovery phase you would either gain 2 heat 6 - 4 = +2 or with cool breezes 6 - 6 = 0. To effectively use steal you need to keep an eye on your heat and the heat generated buy the spell you want to steal.

    Listed below are spells with 3 or more slots and the heat they generate. A good rogue can tell what a spell might be by its slot and the heat it generates. It is possible to steal a 1 or 2 Slot spell but only if other spells a cast before them. Use of Reveal spell allows you to see all your opponent's spell as they prepare them for casting and using Insight will give you that edge on stealing 3 slot spell every round for 5 turns.

    3 spell slots
    Damage spells
    Creeping Death 3 Heat, Spirit Daggers 3 Heat, Dark Forces 3 Heat (P), Demon Sting 4 Heat (P), Silence 4 Heat (D), Energetic Strike 5 Heat.

    Buffs/Debuffs and heals
    Cool Off 0 Heat, Rejuvenation 0 Heat, Heat up 1 Heat, Cool Breeze 3 Heat, Violent Poisons 3 Heat, Grace (D) 3 Heat, Extract Life Force 3 Heat, Fire Trap 4 Heat (W), Dominate (W) 5 Heat, Astral Body 5 Heat, Exhaustion 5 Heat Fairy Fire 5 Heat, Regrowth 6 Heat, Immunity 6 Heat.

    As you can see there are 7 3 slot 3 Heat spells, usually this is not an issue when fighting monsters and once you have battled then a few time you will learn what spell they tend to use. PVP on the other hand will be trial and error without Reveal + Insight combo.

    4 spell slots
    Damage Spells
    CloudKill 6 Heat, Fumble 6 Heat, Brilliant Burst 7 Heat.

    Buffs/Debuffs and heals
    Magic Missile (P) 2 Heat, Morph 4 Heat, Mirror Destiny 6 Heat, Vitalize 7 Heat.

    As you can see there are 3 4 slot 6 Heat spells, usually this is not an issue when fighting monsters and once you have battled then a few time you will learn what spell they tend to use. PVP on the other hand will be trial and error without Reveal.

    5 spell slots
    Damage Spells
    Sting Shower 5 Heat, Prismatic Burst (W) 8 Heat, Solar Spear 9 Heat.

    Buffs/Debuffs and heals
    Dance of Death 0 Heat, Spirit Sense (W) 3 Heat, Living Shadow 4 Heat, Memorise 8 Heat.

    (P) Paladins spells, (D) Druid, (W) Warden, (R) Rogue class spells

  • @antony-hollinsworth well said. Thanks.

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