I'm confused about the letters in the items portraits.

  • What do the potential letter on items mean? I dont see how they effect any stat bonus. Are they supposed to be used to get a max set bonus or do they represent the max upgrade bonus? Someone answer my confusion please :/

  • @heashler

    When you find equipment it will have a potential rating A, B, or C. The potential rating determins how high the item can be upgraded with C being the highest rating for item level. An A Potential item can be leveled to 5 (+4), B Potential item can be leveled to 8 (+7). C Potential item can be leveled to 11 (+10).

    So a Legendary (purple) C (purple) is the best item you can get of that given Tier.

  • Welllll crap. I assumed A was better and ditched some lower quality C gear that could've been ugpraded to a higher bonus than my higher quality A gear lol. Glad I am not level 50 yet. >_<

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