Mirrored Destiny and evasion

  • Mirrored Destiny is checked after evasion is checked. This means that you can set up a really solid Mirrored Destiny only to evade the incoming attack. Since you actually want to get hit when you have Mirrored Destiny up, this means there's cases where Evading is a bad thing and not a good thing.

    IMO defensive stats should always feel "good" when they come into effect. It feels really good to evade an attack when you're not reflecting it but it's incredibly frustrating to evade an attack when you have the Mirrored Destiny buff.

  • @peter-larkin It can check enemy's Evasion, I think, because that hit will return to the enemy. Maybe that is what Maguss uses currently? If not, you are right. Evasion becomes a bad thing, and they should fix that.

  • Mirrored Destiny is just not great with Evasion builds since you run the dodge gamble with your 7 heat. Much better in Defense oriented builds.

  • Mirror Destiny is a poor spell if your going for high Evasion (High Evasion Builds are only any good for Normal Monsters and PvP) as if the opponent cant hit you then there is nothing to reflect. As the Name of the spell implies Mirror Destiny if you destiny is to dodge then you reflect a dodge. Personally if you know your Evasion I good enough that the opponent isn't going to hit you then just hit them instead lol

    Unfortunately this side effect also effects the Rogue Steal spell so again high Evasion makes it less effective if you cant steal attacks cast at you, but you can still steal the opponents self buffs :)

    Thinking about it MD is the only real counter to a really high Evasion Build, so if your going for Evasion might want to stick with 2 Slot spells like CV or use insight when casting 3 slot spells.

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