How can I counter Trick spam? (Kitsune)

  • Well, I'm level 10 now and that means tier IV monsters started showing up for me. I saw 2 types of tier IV monsters so far: Forgotten Spirit and Kitsune. I didn't fight Forgotten Spirit yet, so I don't know its spells. But Kitsune keeps attacking with Trick and I can't defeat it. I have Absorb but it takes 2 slots, and that means whenever Kitsune casts Trick first, I can't absorb it because it resolves before Absorb resolves. How can I beat Kitsune?

  • according to my player level info you should not be seeing tier 4 monsters until level 15. at level 15 you should get access to level 4 and 5.

    The problem with spells like Trick is that the more slots (max 4) left unused by either player increases the damage (SP will be 60 if 4 slots remain unused and if the Kitsune only casts Trick you going to get hit at full power).

    Now coz your only level 10 and only have access to 4 spells in combat your going to have a hard time countering it as you need to have a damage spell, and a heal so leaves you with well a tough choice for your 3rd and 4th slots. Like you said Absorb is not going to help as its a 2 slot and magic shield will not increase your defence enough to make a lot of difference. Have you tried using Creeping Doom (as the damage increases each round and renew it once the last round of damage is done) this might give you the time to recover with heal spells. if that fails then you will prob need to wait until lvl 15 when you have more player stats (and possibly better equipment).

    From my testing Kitune has about 30 Empower so if you want to reduce Trick damage below its Spell power you need to some how get you Defence over 30 to starts seeing a reduction. If you can get your Def to 30 then they full strength Trick will do 60 damage and at 30 Def if you use magic shield (this will take your def to 36) than you will only take 50 damage.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I saw tier 3 monsters at level 5 (but not tier 2 at level 1) so I wasn't surprised when Kitsune showed up. I cannot fill my slots to counter it because Kitsune usually uses only Trick, so it gets to full power even when my slots are full. I don't remember trying Creeping Death but it is a good strategy. I give my points terribly when I level up, once I get to max and master the game; I plan to buy a tome. So my defense is not insane but it's exactly 30 right now. I can get my defense higher but it is not a super-useful thing to counter it. I guess I'll try your Creeping Death strategy, thanks!

    Long story short: I don't think I tried your Creeping Death strategy, I'll try it next time I face Kitsune, thanks!

  • @wiwade Of all the tier 4 monsters Kitsune is probably the hardest with EMP 30 and DEF of about 47

  • When looking at items in the shop its prob best to try and by items that incease EMP and DEF at low levels over stuff like Evasion

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    It seems like a lot of new players completely forget to brew or buy potions. You should use those in combat any chance you get.

  • @maguss I brew potions, but I don't use them. I have tons of potions in my inventory (I never buy potions if I have its recipe because they won't be perfect) but I just don't feel the need to use them. I don't know if other new players forget to brew.

  • For Kitsune the best method I've found is to go full glass cannon and just take in your most aggressive direct damage deck you have. Some rounds they'll use Trick in slot 3, and if you use ALL your spell slots then it only gets a damage boost from two empty slots. This is a great time to use Absorb + a 3-slot damage spell.

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    @wiwade Why not use them? If you did, you wouldnt have any problems with Kitsune :)

  • @maguss As you know, potions are time-limited buffs. I plan to use them in my next big Maguss trip. I don't want to use them just for one battle - because I usually play Maguss in my house - . In fact, I didn't use any potions except health potions so far.

  • @wiwade At your lvl you shouldn't be afraid of using potions, the ones you brew atm don't use that many ingredients to brew and are pretty weak and will be almost garbage when you lvl up your brewing. Just don't use them all if you want to make a bigger hunt later.

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