Aroma potions bugged and/or inconsistent

  • I've been using Good Aroma potions when I am stuck at home and the first couple times I used them I was surrounded by more monsters than I could fight.

    But today I am barely getting anything. My current potion is down to 3.5 minutes left and I've had three monsters to fight this entire time. It's beginning to look like it will run out before I get a 4th fight.

    Either there's something confusing going on that should be communicated better or there might be an issue with the potion itself. Since these are something people can spend dust on I hope this can get resolved soon!

    EDIT: Potion just expired, I got 3 fights the entire time. :(

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    @peter-larkin What was around you ? Were there many monsters around ? When you were surrounded by monsters last time, did you use it at home without walking at all or did you come back from outside and then used it? Aroma Potion only attracts existing monsters - it does not create new. If there are no monsters around, it can't spawn new monsters.

  • @maguss The first time I used each type I had a swarm of monsters around me then it seemed to slow down after that. I wasn't moving at all.

    I could see monsters around that were not wandering toward me that were Tier V and lower. Same thing happened when I tried out a Good Allure potion. Only some of the Tier VI mobs wandered over but I could see others near by that did not.

    Sounds like I just need to give them some time to respawn between uses? I thought the point of the potions was to use them when you couldn't walk around since I never have trouble finding monsters to fight when I am moving. So I figured they'd cause mobs to spawn nearby and wander over.

  • This has been happening since champ were added, not sure if the potions are trying to pull the champs but can't. Not sure how the potions selects a monster but it would appear the potion chooses a monster of the right tier and pulls it. But if it chooses a champ of the right tier it selects that and then nothing happens, so it keeps trying the same monster over and over. A restart usually casuse the selection to change but once a champ is selected it stalls again.

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    @antony-hollinsworth We will look into this.

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    @peter-larkin It does not spawn new monsters - it only attracts existing monsters. It also does not attract champions.

  • @maguss By the way, I got a question about aroma potions. I know it attracts "low tier" monsters but is the tier calculation based on the player's level? For example, Tier IV is high to me but it's low for a max level wizard. Will the potion attract the Tier IV monster when I'm at low level?

  • @wiwade low tier = 1-5 high tier = 6-10

  • @antony-hollinsworth If it's "no matter the tier", then Aroma Potion just attracts every monster for me:P Thanks again!

  • @wiwade potions don't pull champs of any level. So If you only have access to first 5 tiers of monster an alure potion will do nothing. I made this mistake early in my playing lol

  • @antony-hollinsworth I am between 20 and 25 so both potions currently pull monsters for me, which is nice!

  • I have not had any experience with the lure potions not working recent, they seem to still pull slower than at start of open beta, but faster than they did after the initial map update.

    My experience has been that it can take up to 2 minutes after starting a battle with a lured monster to get the next pull to start, though sometimes with Tier X monsters that take about 1 minute to kill I exit battle and there is already a monster pulled to me. Otherwise with the lower tier monsters than die in under 30 seconds, I find the quickest way to get the next pull activated is to restart the app. On average I can get around 10-12 pulls with a 20 minute lure potion, which is pretty reasonable, but definitely less than pre-map update lures.

  • @rollingcode I am pretty sure I was just depleting the area of monsters with my merciless killing spree. Though I think there might be a bug with it stalling out when it tries to skip a Champ as Antony stated. Because I do remember seeing some a mix of champs and non-champs nearby when the potion seemed to stop attracting existing mobs.

  • @Maguss Just another quick update on this.

    Right now I have an Aroma potion going and for the last 10 minutes it has not attracted any of the Tier 3, 4, and 5 mobs I can see nearby. They are not champions though there are other champions roaming nearby.

    The mobs I can see are Mandrake, Onikuma, Tree Spirit, and a Wraith. Again, they're all normal mobs though there are some champions nearby too (and I understand those are not attracted by potions).

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    @peter-larkin Thanks for that. Looking into it.

  • Also got the same problem... I had a circle booster active and activated the low tier aroma potion at home. There were a couple of monsters close to the interaction circle and they were never attracted to me. So I guess the potion is also useless when using the circle booster lol
    Actually, for me, the aroma potion is always useless. It sould create new monsters, at least 1 each 5 minutes. Why not copying Pokemon GO? It's already a ripoff, so just do it right.

  • Best workaround I have found is to restart the game after a battle to trigger the lure potion to grab a new monster and bring them in. But this is a bug and I hope devs can restore the original functionality of the lure potions so they consistently pull in new monsters at a reasonable rate.

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