Questions about curse spells and potion stacking

  • Question 1: I plan to buy spell effects later in the game, but I have no idea about what curse spells are. Can you help me?

    Question 2: As you know, a Perfect Mind Potion gives 5 Empower. If I use 2 Perfect mind potion at the same time, does this give me 10 Empower or extend the time?

  • @wiwade

    1. Reveal, Dance of the Dead, Mirror Curse, Heat-up and Vision are the only spells that trigger the alternate "Curse" visual effect that you can buy with MD. The term "Curse" is very vague. (This was tested by me before the option to change class was added so I don't know if any Warden, Paladin or Druid spells also fall into this list).

    2. You can only use 1 potion at a time if it gives the same type of buff, so you cant use 2 potions that give a buff to Empower even if they have different bonus's.

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