What are your thoughts about Rogue and Druid? Discussion.

  • There are 4 classes in Maguss. Druid, Rogue, Warden and Paladin. Paladins is an offensive class, and Warden is a defensive class. But Druid and Rogue is on the middle. I don't see the strengths of these classes. I'm asking to more experienced wizards: What do you think about these classes?

  • Well as a Rogue I can say that if 2 of the 5 Rogue spells worked correctly they would dominate PvE by a long shot . But until then 2 spells are fixed the rogue still has insight that is very helpful Vs champs when used with Mirror Destiny.

    Druids are my second fave class and are the masters of heat control and have the second highest EMP and are capable of casting some spell at 0 heat so can be built to counter over heat attacks. Also they have a very useful spell for countering opponent equipment bonus in PvP and if you have ever dueled a Titan you will know how good that spell can be.

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