Luck-Booster Question

  • Heyho,

    i have a question.
    Today i became level 20 and got a Luck - Booster as reward.
    Now: i killed over 20 Beasts and got no drops...
    Is that Luck-Booster broken or was my luck before <(-150%)

    Have a good day.


  • Luck booster increases your drop chance by 150% or X2.5 depending on how you want to calculate it.

    So depending on your level the drop chance varies depending on the Tier of the monster in relation to your level.

    if for instance the chances of getting a high level drop for your level is only about 1% then luck booster will increase that to 2.5% and then probably rounded down to 2%.

    Conclusion the increased chance from luck booster looks big but not that great if the drop chance for a given item is only 1%.

    I have noticed that since the Upgrade update was released that even though I was running a luck booster I have been getting a lot less drops from lower tier monsters than before.

    I'm also still getting the issues that using the 5 day luck booster continues for +2 days after it should have expired so it could be that its broken in some way.

  • Drop rates by tier, sorry for poor image quality.


  • @rollingcode is that correct for new system ie Normal Monsters Poor/Good quality Vs Champs Excellent/Mint/Legendary supposed to have increased drop rate or just increased quality drop rate.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I believe this data just covers the item drop chance, it does not apply for item quality or upgrade potential.

    That being said, we also heard from devs on champ drop rates:
    "Loot chance is 1.5x in 1skull and 2skull champions and 2x in 3skull champions higher but also loot quality chance is 1.5x in 2skull champions and 1.8x in 3skull champions"

  • Thanks for help, i dont see any Tier 1 Beasts :( but i will try to get loot from other^^

    Have a good day

  • @gahlar Tier 1-2 champs will be your best source of high quality items at level 20, and are generally worth upgrading a bit for some extra stats.

  • I dont find much of them, only 2 Tier 2 on my map and there i cant go atm

  • @gahlar They get more and more rare as you unlock the higher tier monsters unfortunately. Pre-upgrades update you would only see monsters up to your tier, but they changed it to be your tier +1, which I feel was not a good choice because it greatly increases the difficulty of the leveling experience.

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