Issue choosing guild

  • I recently got my beta invite during work so on break I started to setup my TestFlight app and account. I made the account and chose high moon brotherhood but when I got into the game it placed me in the fellowship of wizardry. I wasn't able to play much but I'm hyped for after work tonight to go play around with it, cheers!

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    The Orders, or Guild, aren't really implemented any more, they are kind of just a placeholder for the upcoming classes that will be implemented later.

    It's all, good, enjoy the game, Glad you decided to join us!

  • @memnoich said in Issue choosing guild:

    The Orders, or Guild, aren't really implemented any more,

    That is a shame.

  • @memnoich okie dokie, I figured it was likely just aesthetic but I didn't want to miss out on some spells if it wasn't!

  • @retro Kind of sad to hear that the guilds are discontinued. I liked the idea of the different schools knowing different spells... Unless that's not how it actually worked? Did everyone have access to the same spells?

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    With the Order system everyone had access to the same spells, the idea, which wasn't implemented yet, was that you would get perks based off your order, Brother hood spells would be stronger at night, Fellowship found more herbs, etc...

    Now they are planning on player 'Classes' which will allow for different things, similar to the orders Idea, but I believe more is possible as well, such as possibly different player starting stats, different available spells, etc..

    So it is lookilng like you might get something along the line of what you wanted, but I think they wanted to move away from the 'Orders' idea as it was too much like guilds, and they wanted to open that up for more social use.

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