Orbs.. why??

  • Now you dont have to acctually play the game to get good stuff..
    Just throw some money atvthe developers and get all you need!!

    This is the kind of crap that makes me leave a game.. pay to win.. .. ..

    Yeah, it's a gamble what you get.. but people with lots of money will still get way ahead of people who can't afford to drown the developers in cash to get good gear easily..

    I love this game, I even backed it on indigogo, but this makes me wanna step away from it..

  • Well, the game is pay to win since the introduction of crystals. You can buy boosters or any other thing if you don't have the gold with crystals. Also you can always get more tonic for your cauldron and stuff like that. If you have the money, you evolve in the game pretty quick.

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