BUGT LIST: Minor Bugs

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    • Training Dummy doesn't show glyph or sparkles when practicing. - FIXED
    • Block potion icon missing. -
    • Chest overlay moves close button interactable area to far to the left, -
    • 2cm of the left side of the screen will not allow you to click on anything - FIXED


    • Blue smoke for Magic arrow animation seems to be phone oriented, i.e. if you move the phone during the Magic Arrow cast, you can sometimes get it to come on screen from off screen.


    • Incantations Skill - Perk lists as 'Possibility to buy 'Defensive' spell from tier V.
    • Brewing Screen - Exploration potion recipe shows need for 1 Chamomile but needs 4. -
    • Many potions in Inventory Screen titles overlap. - FIXED
    • Duel Invite - Only show 100hp, doesn't matter the users level - FIXED
    • Spell and equipment description for magical defense is magical deffence. - FIXED
    • Stat Desc - Critical power in profile page corresponds to Critical damage listed on items
    • Spell Descriptions cut off 'Witch burn' and others. -
    • Luck potions in store say miutes instead of minutes - FIXED

    • Daily rewards get stuck in loop occasionally upon login, allowing for multiple rewards.
    • 'Mirrored Destiny' reflects all spells for 2 rounds. -
    • 'Triple Slash' causes up to 300 dmg if cast 5 times in a round - FIXED
    • 'Silence' oneshots
    • 'Vitalize' overheals
    • 'Heat up' ability to overheat opponent (30/15)

    • Glyph failure takes too long

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