What's an equipment and what's a champion?

  • I thought "equipment" was any clothing that gets buffs to your character, as the page says "EQUIPMENT" in its header. And I thought a champion was another name for the monsters/opponents in the map, because that's the only way to get equipments I know, but I already got over 5 equipments like that and didn't get the daily mission "Get any piece of equipment from a champion" completed.

  • Champions are the monsters with 1-3 skulls on their portrait, and are tougher than the normal non-skull version of those monsters. Champions also have an increased drop rate and item quality compared to normal monsters.

  • @rollingcode oh, I see... I battle lots of T1-3 champions, then. I think it's quite difficult I didn't get any equipment from them lol After that message I got other 3 equipments e___e

  • Anyway, gotta watch equipments coming from those kind of monster next time I see this mission then

  • @diego Champions tend to drop equipment more than normal monsters. Try to find some low tier (1-3) champions as they have the best item drop chances for that quest.

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