Can't sign in w/ original FB account

  • Its been a long while since I last logged in, but I had been using my FB to do so. Now I can't seem to log into this forum using FB, redirect block issue.

    Any way I can fix this? Or at least have access to my old account?
    I made this alternative account so I could at least post.

    Separately, If one had purchased a backing including the wand and the in-game founder equipment, how would I gain access to them? I'm trying to figure out a way to log into my old account. I made a new account to start fresh and at least play.

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully responding

  • Closed alpha/beta accounts were wiped, so you would have to start a new wizard for open beta. There will not be another wipe.

    You should have received an email with a redemption code to receive your backing perks, you can input that on your new account and you should get a bunch of magic dust and many luxury perks.

  • @rollingcode thank you for the response!

    I found the code, I’m running an iPhone and in the game setting there is no option for code input, unless I’m looking in the wrong place?

  • @alt-michaelenis I think iOS is missing the field in the Settings view for code redemption, I would contact support to get the code setup for your account.

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