First impressions

  • Just downloaded the game 3 days ago and there is a lot to go through on the forums but here are my first impressions. If anyone has seen augmented reality part of the anime sword art online that is what i was expecting :)

    1. I typed in games like pokemon go but RPG and here we are. exactly what i was looking for. has such amazing potential
    2. I picked warden so that might be the reason for long battles but some of mine have gone to 30 rounds ! seems a bit long for a game that encourages walking around.
    3. more equipment drops needed and more diverse equipment.
    4. potion crafting is spot on. really enjoy it. would really really really like to see something similar for crafting gear.
    5. I enjoy the combat, a little slow but definitely needs an option for auto skipping the combat!
    6. inventory sorts weird. when i get new loot i expect it to be the last item in my bag
    7. i read that there is trading and team battles. i have not ran into another player yet so may have to get friends to download and check out the features. co op play is mandatory these days.
    8. hope to see more features added. loot, monsters, descriptions, spells, crafting.

    overall i really like the game. Ill play every day and check out forums to see where the games is headed. the wand is a neat idea and id prob try it a couple times but will most likely just use phone.

  • @omenphaux Welcome to Maguss!

    I've been playing since open beta launch in February and the game has really evolved quite a bit in the last 6 months. There's still a lot more to come before full release, but I have enjoyed the game a lot so far. I'm also Warden class and have no regrets, great class for PvE and solid PvP contentder. Plus you can change class if you get bored or want a switch to try something new.

    The points you raised here are great, I've got a few comments to hopefully clarify a few details:

    • Battles can be pretty grindy when facing monsters at or above your tier, especially at the start. Sometimes you need to adjust your spells vs. specific monsters to counter their strategies.
    • Equipment drops from monsters has been a consistent sore point, drop rates are quite low especially at higher tiers. They have recently implemented the Orbs shop to try to address this problem, make sure to take advantage of the free items!
    • Gear and Upgrades spreadsheet if you're interested in what kind of diversity there is:
    • There is a "Skip" button provided in combat to speed things up. When casting, you can tap the countdown when you're done casting to speed things up, and in spell resolution the same area becomes a Skip button to quickly resolve all effects.
    • Inventory is sorted with Potions first, followed by Equipment, followed by Ingredients. I agree that the sorting is weird and I hope they address that in a future update.
    • Unfortunately there is not currently any co-op features, no trading or team battles. What you do have is real PvP vs. other players, from matchmaking or local challenge. There was some designs shared for a co-op feature called Rifts that have you team up with another player and compete vs. another pair of players to kill as many monsters as possible in a given time, but its not actually co-op battling, just combined team kills.

    There are two other communities aside from this forum that are relatively active and are a good place to ask questions and interact with the devs:

  • Put 'relative' like 'absent'
    Facebook no answers. Twitter no answers. here no answers. email no answers.


  • @francisco-feijóo-leão-ferreira

    The FB group is different from the main page for Maguss, if you join in there I can try to help get devs attention.

  • @RollingCode you have my post in here as example.
    Asked to join :D
    ill repost there :P

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