hi i'm new, and playing while traveling.

  • hi. i started playing in the middle of the summer. but i just joined the forum.
    i'm a dude from the Netherlands.

    anyway. when i'm walking i like to keep my phone in my hand, collecting ingredients on the way.
    but i never really hunt them monsters.

    you see, i can't just stand still everytime i see one. that would be weird.
    so i thought, why not make a system to fix that.

    i myself thought of a idea i will call "magic arrows"

    basically. you find arrows near patches of monsters, which you can collect.
    and if you shoot (use) them from your inventory the monster or monsters near where you collected them spawn near you.

    but i'm sure the magus team can come up with other ideas which might be better to fix this issue. :D

    anyway. i enjoy the game a lot. slightly dislike the f2p mechanics, which there was a pay once version.. but still it's a fun game.

  • The Aroma Potion and Allure Potion will lure the monsters in view to your location, sounds similar to the "magic arrows" concepts you described.

  • @rollingcode yeah i have to try those out.. could be useful.

    still different though but it's something.

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