• Is Maguss going to do anymore updates or is the game dead now???

  • @titankratos

    Next update is at least a month out, but no fixed date. They are working on raising more funding for dev from what I last heard

  • @avencast HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well I doubt they will much money. They made the game worse not better. The only thing that is better is you can zoom now.

  • @titankratos The game is in open beta, its still a work in progress and there are many more features to develop before release from what they have shared.

    What we are seeing here is why its always a gamble with Open Beta releases, the game is not quite finished and can use a lot of polish, but people expect it to be perfect. You have to play with the expectation that its a Beta version, and if you can, provide some feedback to help them make it better!

    The last update I've seen is that the team is seeking additional investment to continue with the development, and they are quite a small team so it will take time for big new features to be released to us. If you're not happy with the game, come back in a few months and check it out again, hopefully development will be up and moving again by then.

  • true well i am going to keep playing I want to at least level to max and see how it works than

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