9Morgan Connemara's Story

  • He is a follower of the old ways, and was originally a Druid of the old Gods. He wandered the ancient forests protecting it and it's inhabitants from harm. And for a time, he was at peace.

    Then war came to his forest.

    There was little he could do against entire armies of men who burned and cut their way across the land, destroying all that he loved. In their wake, they left only ash. And standing amid the ruins of his home, a cold and riteous fury was kindled in the heart of Morgan Connemara.
    He cast aside his Druidic robes and his peaceful ways. He doned armor, he picked up a fallen sword, and he swore an oath of vengeance against any who would dare harm Gaia.

    Morgan walks this world still, as judge and jury for those who would bring harm to the natural world.
    And should any man or monster impede him, may all the Gods have mercy on their soul.

  • You have forsaken your druidic oath for the way of the paladin, for shame! Lol good duel

  • Lol
    Yes it was.
    You just wait until I get to level 50, then I'll give you a run for your money.

  • Yeah man, just need to gear up a bit more to push the damage a little more. Looking forward to a rematch.

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