Stuck Upgrading Gear

  • I made this post in another topic thread but it might've been the wrong one, I will post it here as well.

    I created my account yesterday. I was able to bypass the tutorial bug by reinstalling the game, but today after upgrading a piece of gear, (for context, not the first time I had upgraded gear) instead of completing it began to go into the negatives in terms of time remaining. If I click on the piece of gear to upgrade, the app enters a loading phase that will not complete. Currently on my app screen there is an upgrade time duration metric which is currently massively in the negatives. I am unable to cancel this process, or do not know how, and I am unable to upgrade any other pieces of gear while this is upgrading. I am unable to access the upgrade panel due to the game effectively locking down when I attempt to, forcing me to close the app due to the endless load.
    I feel this is completely gamebreaking, and wonder if there is a workaround for this.

  • @shepardini can you unequip it or change it for another item.

  • Also what item was it.

  • Worn out top (Good) C potential. I cannot unequip the item and do not have another chest to swap in that spot. Is that a potential fix, placing another item in that spot?

  • @shepardini i just tried to swap out an item that is being upgraded and get a message saying cant change item while item is being upgraded.

    Best option is to send a Dm on the Maguss FB page (hoping there still have peeps looking at them) explain the issue and they will need your player name and player ID (that can be found on the settings page in game).

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