Tutorial stuck after first fight

  • I have fought the first monster and won. Then used the money to buy a healing spell. The Al told me to fight another mister with both spells but non have append anywhere on the map and only the settings and records buttons work. GVU-IXD-DET

  • are you getting a thin red like across the top of your screen with very small white writing in it, if yes then your GPS signal is weak try moving about and see if that clears it.

  • If you are still stuck, and you're on Android, you can input the redemption code "DELETE-ME" to reset the account and try to start over again.

  • I had this exact same issue. My thought was that it happened because I had to close the game before the second fight and couldn't get back to it for a couple hours. Does the tutorial monster despawn or wander off if you don't fight it soon enough?

    I used the DELETE-ME code to start the tutorial over again and this time fought both monsters right away.

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