What’s with the chest?

  • It’s always out of reach. So where is it? How do I get one without paying for it?

  • Walk to it..

    The number by the chest is how far away it is.
    When close enough you can see it. It is marked by a blue circle.

  • Someone sent me a screen shot. Mine doesn’t have numbers like that. With some screen shots and manipulation, I’ve figured out that there are 2 bugs here.

    1. The font is tiny. Illegible. Can’t be read on my iphone8.

    2. It’s white on white. There’s zero contrast and there’s no way to even spin it around to where there could be contrast because the entire map is light blue/white.


  • Also, when I rotate the map, the location of the chest also changes (eg. it stays at the 3’oclock position on my screen)... or is the chest location fixed based on where your avatar is facing and not on the map rotation? I’m confused.

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