BUG LIST: Major Bugs

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    • **The tutorial has been disabled for the latest client, while they continue upgrading and changing the major systems. **


    • Standing still Generates 'Meters Walked' for the "walk 1500m' quest. -
    • Credit for "Earn 400xp from ranked duels quest" can be earned from PvE. -
    • 'Brew Perfect Healing Potion' doesn't recognize potion creation. - FIXED

    Daily Rewards:

    • Dust from rewards doesn't always show in inventory. -
    • Daily reward progress resets after reinstalling the game
    • Key rewards occasionally don't show up in inventory.
    • Time based on Central not local time.
    • Occasionally Loops after login - Exploitable. -


    • Blank item in Chests - in common and rare I have picked a rune that was empty underneath, as I can't tell what it is supposed to be, I don't know if I got it, but I did not get anything 'New' into my inventory. -


    • Reloading of MOB and Herb Spawns require Client reload.
    • Assets not always loading, requiring re-installation to fix "Blurry red ?'s" -
    • Leveling acknowledgement requiring logging out and back in still - FIXED
    • Leveling up message sometimes shown for other player in duel.
    • Cannot close the app using the back button, doesn't ask me if I want to quit or anything. Have to use home button.


    • Players do not gain exploration XP when moving -


    • No issues currently listed


    • 'Circle of Influence' has grown to be bigger then visble area of screen. - ADJUSTED
    • (On android) Map seems flipped. when facing north, compass points north, but map shows you are looking south.
    • Sometimes can't click on things in circle, get "Too Far", mostly on edge of circle.
    • With Auto-Compass shows opposite direction ahead (player facing south, game orientation north) -
    • Player pointer disappears - FIXED
    • Unable to see nearby players. - FIXED


    • FB login doesn't get past 'Loading' screen.
    • Froozen Login Screen- FIXED
    • Game crashes after logging in.
    • Game occasionally opens to a 'Lv.7 Username' account. - Link


    • RANDOM WIN/LOSS - Fights getting stuck 'Waiting on other player' and end prematurely. - Significantly Decreased
    • RANDOM WIN/LOSS - Reports of issues when using mirrored destiny
    • DUEL INVITE - Only show 100hp, doesn't matter the users level.- FIXED
    • Get duel invites before level 5. -
    • Can't see tier IV creatures. -
    • Frozen battles are unable to exit, must restart client. - FIXED
    • Can't actually Duel till Level 6


    • Empower spell damage increase calculations seem to be off. -
    • NO XP into invocations from any spell use - FIXED
    • Level 1 invocation can learn tier II and Tier III spells except 'Mirrored Destiny', 'Fire Trap' and 'Cleanse'
    • Skill 'Invocations' doesn't earn XP.
    • Spell 'Heat up' - ability to overheat opponent (30/15). -
    • Spell 'Invocation' - Text says heals for 20hp per spell opponent casts, only heals for 10hp. -
    • Spell 'Living Shadow" doesn't cause any change to HP for either party in PvE/P
    • Spell 'Magic Shield', Invocations, gives XP unto Incantations skill - FIXED
    • Spell 'Mirrored Destiny' redirects any negative or direct damage spell for 2 turns. - KNOWN EXPLOIT, please do not use unless for testing purposes
    • Spell 'Reflect', Invocations, Earns Incantations XP. - FIXED
    • Spell 'Silence' oneshots - Exploitable. -
    • Spell 'Spirit Sting' Gives Dark Arts XP instead of Sorcery.
    • Spell 'Steal' doesn't redirect spells. Doesn't end after 2 rounds. - FIXED
    • Spell 'Triple Slash' - if cast 5 times causes 300 dmg per round. - FIXED
    • Spell 'True Sight' - Gives XP into Incantations
    • Spell 'Vitalize' Over heals. -


    • Can't sell item if it costs more than the amount of Gold you have.
    • Can't equip 'Rebels wand' at lvl 30. - FIXED
    • Lvl 21 required for Tier III items. - FIXED
    • Block potion icon missing


    • Multiple herbs after Tier II not spawning. -
    • Failing a glyph doesn't give feedback of quality bar moving. -
    • Tier Iv speed bean only decreased time by 1 min, not 10 mins.
    • Reported that Potions can get stuck at 00:00:00 unable to do anything but cancel potion
    • Only i bean is used in place of ingredients instead of 1 per ingredient needed.
    • Quality drops when adding beans or glyphs, even if correct
    • Issues with single Speed up bean not working. -


    • Spells section still in shop - FIXED
    • Ability to purchase higher Tier equipment - FIXED

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