Fellowship of Wizardy Apprenticeship (chapter I)

  • The morning is brisk and damp as you make your way to the location that is described in the folded piece of parchment you pull from your coat pocket. As you read the calligraphy written page, a feeling of being watched creeps over you and you can not help but to glance up into the tree canopy above to catch a glimpse of a small creature leaping to an out of site branch. It's just a squirrel you say to yourself and shake your head. A sharp stab of pain at the base of your skull that then radiates to the top of your head and almost crawls over your forehead makes you wince as you remember why you are standing here in the first place.
    Several days ago small tingling sensations on the scalp began and grew to what now might be called a migraine. At least that is what Dr. Google suggests. Everything from occipital neuralgia, to a brain tumor popped up on a web search. The funny thing is they do not last and have symptoms that border on weird such as seeing glowing outlines on random plants or flowers or odd flitting creatures out of the corner of your eye like a few moments ago.
    Thankfully, the sensations do not last long and you check the page again noting that you are only a block away from the community hall where others that have the same symptoms are meeting for a support group. “On your left!” You hear as a slight rumble from behind you approaches quickly. You turn just in time as an athletic woman on roller skates and wearing safety gear jukes past you and glances back over her shoulder and nods to you. “Sorry about sneaking up.” She says and waves before skating ahead. As she moves away you notice a deep blue medium sized shoulder bag big enough for books and a small green fanny pack at her waist with some sort of symbol on it that you can not make out. You shrug and walk the remaining distance to the hall marked on the page.
    The hall appears to be an out of place old victorian historical building in the middle of town. A few other people that also have papers in their hands enter the old building. The wooden steps creak when you step on them causing a few of the other people to glance towards the door. You see individuals of various ages, gender, and ethnicity that helps ease your mind on feeling like you might be the only one that has this odd head pain.
    “Could you get the door please? We are going to start.” You hear from across the room from a familiar voice. You look up to see the woman that skated past you, now without her gear and skates, smile and nod in recognition to you. “If everyone could find a seat, we can go over a few things before we begin.” She says.
    You attempt to close the doors gently only to discover they groan and creak before clicking loudly so that everyone looks back at you. Turning back towards the group you can see that the only seat left is right up front next to two other attendees. One an older man and the other a possible teen that is wearing a hoodie.
    Once you are seated, the woman pulls her reddish brown hair back into a ponytail and closes her eyes for a moment. She then looks out over the room at everyone. Her amethyst eyes settle briefly on each of you. She nods slightly.
    “Welcome everyone, I am sure you are all hoping for some answers. What I have to share might be useful to you, or it might not. I only ask that you are respectful to yourself, everyone in this room, and me. Is everyone in agreement with that?” After everyone either mumbles or nods, she continues. “Very well then, let us begin.”

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