Fellowship of Wizardy Apprenticeship (chapter II)

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    As a tester it will be important to read, play, report, and read again. The hope of this thread is to provide at least some basic information to assist people with general gameplay. These posts are my own opinions and not those of the developers. Please read with a sense of fun, to matter the topic.

    What is a Magus?
    “This term is often used as a synonym for “Wizard,” especially in a complementary sense. A Mage may also be called a Magus, which means a master of the magickal arts. The ancient Magi (like the “Three Wise Men” in the Bible) were Zoroastrian Priests originating in Media and Persia (now Iran). The Persian word magu is the root of the word magic. This term became magos in Greek, and later magus in Latin; eventually coming to be used for wise and powerful magicians of any sort.”
    Grimiore for the Apprentice Wizard
    Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

    In the game Maguss you get the opportunity to play at being a Magus. This will consist of reading about your known spells you can use, exploration to find herbs and battle mystical creatures out of cultural lore, and occasionally duel other magi if you feel so bold.
    Before attempting any sort of engagement with a creature or dueling another mage it is recommended to read the information on all the spells you have available first. Then take the steps to memorize them by placing them into your available memory slots. And finally practicing the glyphs that will produce the desired result.

    You begin play with two memory slots and the potential to have ten of them when you have become skilled enough. As a beginner, that I like to call an apprentice, a recommended combination is a single damage spell and a heal spell in case you find that you need a boost in combat. Once your spells are committed to memory, tap the “Test Deck” icon at the bottom to practice glyph drawing. An item of note, you can not adjust your memorized spells during a creature battle of mage duel so choose wisely.

    During a battle, you have some important things to consider. Each spell generates heat and occupies one or more of the available five slots you will get each round. You will get 10 seconds to draw your glyphs and then the round plays out, repeating until one opponent is defeated or exits the duel.

    To restore health after a battle, you can walk around to regenerate health, purchase a health potion in the shop, or make your own by gathering herbs and crafting them.

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