Fellowship of Wizardy Apprenticeship (chapter III)

  • A Magus is a different breed of person. I would like to think we are more aware than most but that is a story for another time.

    A good mage, and the fellowship is a good way to learn what a good mage is, is always prepared before an encounter.

    Avoid being reckless and jumping into a combat at low health. Take notes of what spells creatures and other players use to better your own strategy. And get used to gathering and crafting!

    Some newer apprentices as well as seasoned adepts, will enter a battle or duel at less than full health. This is not a good idea and those mages should expect to be dealt with the same as if they are at full health unless a pre-arranged healing period is agreed upon. If other mages use all the tools they have, so should you.

    Making potions requires a recipe, that can be found in chests by exploring, or in the shop. A health potion recipe is not too expensive and will be invaluable as you strive to gain experience.

    Once you purchase the recipe, you will need to go to your inventory and use the potion to gain the ability to create it. The recipe only needs to be learned once.

    All mages start with a poor mages cauldron. Yes, I renamed it to remove gender 😋. You can access this by selecting the crafting icon. You will seen your known potion list at the top and can select the health potion. When you do you will see the needed ingredients: ginger and rosewater. Walk, or like me use other modes of transportation like skates, skateboard, bikes etc and look for the herb icons on your map. These are herbs and other items that will aid you in making a potion. Gather enough of both ingredients and return to your crafting icon.

    Select the “start brewing” icon and wait for the timer to count down. When you start to see the bright glowing golden orbs, tap them before they reach the top of the screen. The health potion does not contain the green fail orbs that you want to avoid but you will see them when you attempt other potions. Once you fill the above bar with all the valuable orb points the timer will end and you can select ok. If you didn't do so well and have a level up bean you can improve the quality. You will then shortly gain your first of many health potions that you can use after a tough duel before you engage again.

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