Fellowship of Wizardy Apprenticeship (chapter IV)

  • You may have seen me use the terms apprentice and adept so far and this is not without reason. The local chapter (i.e. my own group) uses a ranking system that revolves around an in game dynamic of memory slot awards. It is customary to only duel your own rank or higher when selecting a duel icon that pops up unless pre arranged. Attacking lower ranked mages during event periods should be avoided. (I used to though now no longer will)

    Apprentice (level 1-9)
    From 1-9 you have up to three memory slots to use and as such are limited in your ability to engage a higher ranked mage, though you can choose to do so. At level 1-4, you can not duel others yet still have access to two memory slots to battle creatures. You will gain the ability to duel at 5th as well as a vital third memory slots.

    Journeymage (level 10-19)

    Adept (20-29)

    Master (30-39)

    Magus (40+)

  • @robynoakwise I really like this ranking system and it makes me really happy that you took the time to make a "tutorial" for the game as it stands now. I also loves the first chapter with its imagery and draw. Well done!

  • @wildwolfsong
    Thank you. I will do my best to adjust it as updates happen.
    There was a mention by the devs that an in game tutorial is also in the works. Until then, the Fellowship, at least the Tides at Dawn group, will help out. 😊

  • @robynoakwise
    Bump. Updated as far as I can.

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